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PS5: the official facades are finally available for pre-order!


News good deal PS5: the official facades are finally available for pre-order!

You expected it, Sony did it! The famous covers, or official PS5 skins are now available for pre-order in stores! If you want to wear a dark look, now is the time to get started!

PS5: the personalized facade is available at Amazon!

The promise has come true and it is now possible to have your PS5 console sport the color of your choice! For the moment, it is the total black look that is now possible to give to your PlayStation 5 with this official faceplate finally available from Amazon.

Buy the PS5 black faceplate at 58$ at Amazon

The PlayStation 5, in addition to its share of novelties, brought the possibility of customizing the console itself. Bearing the sweet name of cover, facade or lid, this new accessory allows you to give your console the colors you want from the range offered.

Since the PS5 is basic white, you can opt for a completely different color. The big plus is that these new covers are official. Indeed, compared to other editions where the customization elements were not necessarily official, this time the cover is conceptualized by Sony itself.

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It’s Amazon that opens the ball with the facade that responds to the sweet name of Midnight Black. Available for just under $60, it is available for pre-order. You can hang it proudly on your console from February 18th.

PS5: the official facades are finally available for pre-order!

Buy the PS5 black faceplate at 58$ at Amazon

There is talk of customizable covers for PlayStation 5, but not everyone has yet managed to get their hands on Sony’s famous console. For this, we can direct you to future restocking of the PS5.

You can absolutely turn to third-party sellers, but you risk paying much more for your console (3 to 4 times more depending on the seller).

See to buy a PS5 (be careful, it’s more expensive)

However, by arming yourself with patience and preparing a little, you can put the odds in your favor to succeed in obtaining the PS5.

First of all, it is necessary to register on the sites that you will find below. These official online merchants (and you will recognize many of them), may have stocks of PS5s. And so that you can be as responsive as possible on the day when a replenishment is possible, we recommend that you open a customer account with them and register a means of payment there. Why that ? Quite simply because between the moment when you are told that PS5s are available and when you arrive on the payment page, there is a risk that your PS5 will disappear.

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This is why we encourage you to already open an account, validate it by email, and insert your means of payment. Thanks to this, you will save yourself unnecessary steps and you can quickly buy your PS5.

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