Home LAST NEWS News good plan The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader on sale during the sales!

News good plan The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader on sale during the sales!


News good plan The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader on sale during the sales!

Clear your head by having a good time and reading an exciting book: in these complicated times, it is important to escape a little. Amazon offers a -23% reduction on the Kindle e-reader, a great promotion that drops the price to less than 120$!

Amazon Sale: Discounted Kindle Paperwhite

They do not yet replace books but they can store many. E-readers are the practical way to enjoy your passion for literature without having to keep a large number of books in your home. And it doesn’t take up space on the go.

Find the Kindle Paperwhite at 114$ at Amazon

Amazon has established itself in the field of e-readers with these Kindles. There is of course competition in the e-reader market, but those from Amazon are taking advantage of Amazon’s omnipotence to reign in the market.

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Kindle Paperwhite Features

The Kindle Paperwhite has a 6.8” screen, a 300 ppi glare-free display. Adjusted to the maximum, the brightness has gained 10% on this new model. By adjusting the settings, you can read in all lighting conditions, including adjusting the screen tint.

This reader now uses USB-C for charging. A boosted autonomy which now reaches 10 weeks but of course, everything depends on the use of the reader. Charging takes just over 2 hours. It has a capacity of 8 GB.

The Kindle Paperwhite is IXP8 certified, meaning it’s water resistant. More precisely, this reading light can withstand 1 hour up to 2 meters deep in water (unfortunate fall in the bathtub!). At sea, the salt is more virulent: up to 0.25 meters for 3 minutes. In terms of ecology, Amazon announces that 60% of the plastics used to manufacture the reader are recycled plastics.

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Originally posted at 149$, the Kindle Paperwhite now finds itself at 114$. It’s a great promotion for a quality item that will accompany you everywhere.

Find the Kindle Paperwhite at 114$ at Amazon

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