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New World: An even tougher high-level game for Amazon’s MMO


Game News New World: An even tougher high-level game for Amazon’s MMO

Despite a successful critical success and a record of players connected simultaneously on Steam during its launch, New World did not have the expected result in the long term, the fault of a somewhat chaotic launch punctuated by bugs of all kinds. Since then, the Amazon Games MMO has been doing everything to repair the damage by regularly enriching itself with updates and new content.

For a tougher challenge!

Since the launch of its major Into The Void update last November (an update that adds new enemies and fixes numerous bugs), New World has not stopped evolving. Today, with the launch of Factors of Mutation, a brand new update, the title continues to move in this direction.

In addition to once again correcting many bugs, starting with everything related to the interface and the social part, Mutation Factors enhances the gaming experience, and more specifically, that of high-level players. Indeed, Expedition Mutation Factors are a brand new feature for the End Game. They come to transform your experience by drastically increasing the power of so-called “normal” enemies, but also that of “named ones”. According to Amazon Games, this novelty requires participants to change their strategy, at least if they intend to stay alive. And to encourage players to take up this new challenge, the rewards are much more generous than in the past. Also note that the mutations are renewed every week in order to offer increasingly difficult expeditions.

The fights are modified, as are the rewards! You can collect new equipment and specific resources, which will provide new opportunities to increase your level of power. The idea is to alternate these expeditions and mutations each week, with 10 levels of difficulty per expedition mutation. You will be able to challenge yourself to reach the maximum difficulty. Amazon Games, via their official website

New World: An even tougher high-level game for Amazon's MMONew World: An even tougher high-level game for Amazon's MMO

An additional “dark” novelty

The Mutation Factors update also takes the opportunity to introduce a brand new resource called Dark Shards. The latter makes it easier for players to improve their gear score of individual items from level 590 to 625. You can also craft items with a gear score of 600 or open gypsum molds, at least if your level of expertise in the matter is at least 600.