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Netflix: new images of Pinocchio, Gullermo del Toro’s film (Death Stranding)


news culture Netflix: new images of Pinocchio, Gullermo del Toro’s film (Death Stranding)

Guillermo del Toro is everywhere. In cinema of course, but also in video games with Death Stranding; his next film, neither more nor less than Pinocchio, has just delivered new images. And it’s worth the detour!

I’m a real little boy!

The tale of Pinocchio is part of modern mainstream culture: we have seen it through many films, in live-action as well as in computer-generated images (Shrek, to name but one). But currently, the little wooden man is experiencing unprecedented growth thanks to several projects: first of all, the Disney Plus project, where the American firm is going to revisit its great classic in live-action, as part of its policy well known to rehab.

But there is also another film in concoction, and not one of the greatest: the illustrious Guillermo del Toro. The man is known among others for films like The Shape of Water (Oscar winner in 2017), Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, a certain video game like Death Stranding, and currently another major project: Pinocchio.

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The lie above all

Netflix is ​​no longer at its first attempt when it comes to adapting great classics. For once, the famous American platform has called on a renowned director, namely Guillermo del Toro: many images of the feature film have now emerged on the web… allowing a glimpse of the filmmaker’s particular touch.

On the casting side, we can rely on a few famous faces: David Bradley in the skin of Geppetto, Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi, in particular) to double Sebastian J. Cricket, Christoph Waltz in the role of the Volp account, Ron Perlman to play Mangiafuoco… In short, a list in good and due form.

For once, del Toro will team up with Mark Gustafson to produce this film with such a special atmosphere: see you by the end of 2022 on Netflix to see what it’s all about. No precise date has been given, but we imagine that it will not be too late.

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