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LoL: the model of the next character on the run? Rumor update


Game News LoL: the model of the next character on the run? Rumor update

Days pass and rumors about the new hero multiply. After rumors about the name of the character, it is his model that would have leaked.

LoL: new episode on the Nilah rumor!

LoL: the model of the next character on the run?  Rumor update

As we approach the release of a new champion in League of Legends, it’s the same song. The first rumors fall on his identity, helped by the clues released by Riot Games at the start of the year. After Zeri the ADC, Renata Glasc the support and Bel’Veth the jungler, it’s the turn of a character named Nilah that the rumors are turning: the legend would be next botlaner to include the title. A rumor that we owe to the Youtuber BigBadBearknown for its many leaks on the game. After revealing the name and role of the champion, BigBadBear would have got his hands on the model of Nilah, which he shares on video (and which we can see on the right):

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A model consistent with its description?

Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt and wait for official communication from Riot to confirm or deny it.. In the meantime, note that the theories submitted since last week share some similarities with Riot’s description of the new champion:

For the rest, the team of champions invites you to join them at Bill la Coquille’s Oyster Bar! Savor the finest oysters in all of Runeterra while delighting in one of its owner’s great stories! In fact, just last night, we popped in and the place was turned upside down. Smashed tables, broken bottles and strange luminescent puddles that littered the floor. According to Bill, he is a colorful but very dangerous stranger who landed in Runeterra after crossing the oceans.

Rumors state that Nilah comes from the Shurima desert, which would explain why she has “crossed the oceans” and landed in Noxus. On the other hand the passage mentioning an unknown “High Color” could refer to her matte skin and her outfit in many shades and in particular her knee pad. A knee pad also at the heart of the theory: it has the shape of a water hyacinth, the meaning of the name Nilah.

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