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League of Legends: an original support is starting to become popular


news tip League of Legends: an original support is starting to become popular

It’s hard to tell if your teammates are serious when picking champions who aren’t used to being used outside of their primary roles. What would you say if your top decided to play Soraka? However, it happens that certain characters manage to stand out where we would not expect them. This is the case of the one we are going to talk about today.

When you play League of Legends, unfortunately you have to expect everything from your teammates. If we can more or less easily excuse a player who is a little less good than we would hope, it immediately becomes more difficult to support someone who will leave the game in the middle of the game, or who will purposely go get chained to death. But when a player selects a champion who shouldn’t be played in the chosen role, it’s hard to know if it’s a troll or not.. In fact, it can even happen that an “exotic” champion becomes quite viable depending on the situation. This is what is happening to Ashe in recent days, the use of which as a support is starting to become popular.

Bury the Ashe of War

League of Legends: an original support is starting to become popular

Since the last patch 12.11, the character usually played as an ADC is finally seen more often as a support. Indeed, in games ranked Platinum and above, we find Ashe support in 8.4% of the games, against only 5.9% in his original role. If his win rate is not particularly good, we can still notice a growing popularity of this very exotic pick. which even exceeds excellent supports such as Thresh (7.8% of games), Janna (7.7% of games) or Soraka (6% of games).

However, it is difficult to explain such enthusiasm for this choice. Indeed, no high-level competitive game has proven the effectiveness of the character, and as we said above, it does not have a very high win rate in general either. However, with the right items, there’s really no denying its support potential.

Elsa better watch out

League of Legends: an original support is starting to become popular

Who says new role, says new objects. By taking Ashe support, you will not have to play it as if you were a simple ADC with an Immortal Arc-shield or a Kraken Slayer, but with a completely different build. We recommend the following items:

Once you have your first two items in your pocket, you should have enough mana and skill haste to be able to use your W at will and become a machine to slow down all your opponents. Additionally, your allies will deal more damage to anyone you hit, and your ultimate ability will become available again much more regularly than as an ADC. It is then up to you to determine whether or not you need to reduce the healing of your opponents to choose the serrated sword or the axiomatic bow first. Once the axiomatic bow is in your inventory, your ultimate can even be sent several times in the same fight if it drags on, enough to control the entire opposing team much more easily than with an ADC build. Icing on the cake: know that you will inflict quite correct damage with this build, coupled with a Comet rune.

Now all you have to do is try out this new way of playing the character before it’s too late. After all, even though she doesn’t have a very high win rate, Riot Games might feel that Ashe is not meant to be played as a support and nerf this build, so hurry!

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