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Ms. Marvel: The directors of the Disney+ series respond to review bombing


news culture Ms. Marvel: The directors of the Disney+ series respond to review bombing

Last Wednesday, the first episode of Miss Marvel was posted on Disney+, the story of Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani. In general, this first episode was very well received, both thanks to its freshness and its idea of ​​staging inspired by Into the Spiderverse.

Kamala Khan is a character created in 2013 editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, screenwriter G. Willow Wilson and cartoonist Adrian Alphona. From 2014, she becomes Ms. Marvel in a solo comics and therefore becomes the 5th Miss Marvel after Carole Danvers, Sharon Ventura, Malicia (by theft of memories), Karla Sofen and Deidre Wentworth.

Ms. Marvel, an “origin story” a little different from the comics

But Kamala Khan quickly became the most popular version of the character, who is a fan of Captain Marvel himself. In the basic version of the character, she has Inhuman genes, which activate and give her the possibility of modifying its appearance, of lengthening, enlarging, shrinking, etc, and use all these changes to modify his talents in terms of strength, agility or resistance. In the Disney+ series which has just started, Marvel and Disney have chosen to bind the powers to a mystical bracelettransmitted by the grandmother, and which allows him to generate an energy that takes the form of action (an arm, a support to climb).

For the rest, everything is similar, the persona lives in Jersey City, comes from a close-knit family of Parkistani origin. She is a dreamer, admires the Avengers, but her mother and her teachers would like her to be a little less in the Moon because the choice of higher education is approaching. The first episode was well receivedwith as we said a real feeling of freshness, a much light tone, and visual ideas inspired without a doubt by Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

A review bombing with varied motivations to which the directors respond

However, alongside many positive comments, thethe series has undergone what is called review bombing, that is, reviews associated with an extremely low rating, with the objective of lowering the overall rating. Many comments criticize “colors and useless illustrations”others castigate the form and origin of powers, when others point out an extremely weak scenario and an atmosphere that is far too childish to their liking.

Harsh criticism, but audible, unfortunately accompanied by sexist insults towards the actress, and towards the religion of the characterIslam, a confession which is also that of Iman Vellani. Brie Larsson quickly responded to this kind of message, but it was then the turn of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, the directorsto speak at the microphone of Guizmodo, indicating that the community is only a reflection of society, with its good and bad sides:

Community values ​​are a reflection of society, you know, so there’s good and bad. We think overall it’s good. The fandom (the community of fans) is for us the reason why we design these series and these films. They make the heroes of the MCU very great. We try to pay tribute to the fans. That’s why Kamala Khan is one. You have to respect the community because it is passionate. We tend to want to focus only on the positives, because we get love and attention. You won’t have that in another job and it’s a real pleasure. We hope our humble contribution to the MCU will appeal to fandom around the world and especially young people.