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League of Legends: Bel’Veth, Empress of the Noobs?


news tip League of Legends: Bel’Veth, Empress of the Noobs?

Between the ten-year-old theories, the aspect that disturbs the community and the overly complex skills, the 160th champion of League of Legends will have been talked about! Announced thanks to a trailer as creepy as it is fascinating, Bel’Veth seems to convince one branch of the community more than another. We will explain everything to you.

It’s not really uncommon for there to be a noticeable difference in performance on champions based on player level. Characters like Aphelios, Akali or Ryze, for example, have a much higher winrate among high-level players than among others. If this difference is often made in this direction, it is more rare that the opposite happens. However, this is exactly what we notice with Bel’Veth, the 160th champion of League of Legends.

When noobs earn more than pros

League of Legends: Bel'Veth, Empress of the Noobs?

Bel’Veth has been available on the League of Legends servers for several days now, and while the expectation was clearly there, the end result did not necessarily convince all League of Legends players. There is indeed a more than noticeable difference between the victory rate of the Void Empress when it is played at low level and when it is played by more experienced players:

With almost a 10% difference between players ranked Iron and those above Master, the conclusion is clear: Bel’Veth is a character that works much better when played against novice players. But how to explain such a difference?

The longer the better

League of Legends: Bel'Veth, Empress of the Noobs?

By analyzing the games including Bel’Veth among the selected champions, we can quickly realize that the character’s power peak is reached very late in the game. Indeed, we notice that the champion becomes a real threat from 30 minutes of play on average. However, if it is indeed excellent from this moment, it should be remembered that the games generally last much shorter than that when the players are experienced. In effect, it is quite rare to see games of Challenger exceed 25 minutes, where games of Iron can easily reach 40, even 45 minutes and beyond. In high-level games, the Empress of the Void therefore rarely has the opportunity to shine.

Worse still, if the jungler does not reveal itself until late in the game, it therefore means that it is only very weak before these famous 30 minutes.. Information that the opposing jungler will be able to exploit much more easily if he has more experience than low-level players. It will be enough for him to come and invade the jungle of Bel’Veth to completely prevent him from playing and make him useless for even longer than usual.

You’re good you go up

League of Legends: Bel'Veth, Empress of the Noobs?

Faced with such a finding, we are in a position to ask ourselves if
Riot Games plan to change something.
Indeed, if one could think that it is necessary to make the champion stronger so that he becomes attractive even at high level, it would also be to risk making him much too strong for the players at the bottom of the ladder. . The few rare players who knew that it was enough to invade it to make it useless then might not be able to do so anymore, and would be forced to let it grow stronger and stronger, until it reached its power peak.

Conversely, weakening the champion to help the weakest who cannot yet exploit the weaknesses of their opponents would definitely make him useless at a higher level, which would obviously pose a problem. It is nevertheless good to note that the League of Legends developers had already expressed their fears about this before the release of the character, and therefore they have certainly already thought about the question. So we just have to wait for the next patches to find out what sauce the Empress of the Void will be cooked with.

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