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Solo Leveling: the anime is talking about him again, a new hope for the fans?


news culture Solo Leveling: the anime is talking about him again, a new hope for the fans?

A recent hit in the manga world, Solo Leveling does not owe it to its animated adaptation since it does not yet have one. Nothing has been announced about an anime but suspicious movements have been registered at the domain name level.

Solo Leveling: anime closer than ever?

Manga fans know: Solo Leveling is one of the works of recent years that has been a hit, despite being of Korean origin. An irrefutable notoriety which has given rise to the desire among fans of the Chu-Gong work to see an animated adaptation. However, the manhwa ended on December 30 with its 179th chapter and already has a publication in France with a bound edition.. Regarding an animated adaptation, nothing seems to be on the horizon and the lack of communication is discouraging. Except that …

Solo Leveling: the anime is talking about him again, a new hope for the fans?

The internet is sharp-eyed and has seen recent changes. It was noticed that the Japanese group GMO Internet registered the domain name sololeveling-anime.net. A link that gives nothing when you try to go to it but which reminds us that GMO Internet is also the group that acquired the domain name swordart-online.net whose site is currently functional. If that leaves little room for doubt regarding an announcement of an anime adaptation of Solo Levelingwe will equip ourselves with tweezers before getting enthusiastic.

Solo Leveling: the animation studio at the heart of the debate?

In addition, other hypotheses can be drawn from this domain name registration: they concern the studio in charge of animating the adaptation. Some consider GMO Internet to be the group that registered the domain name of Sword Art Online and Solo Leveling, the animation studio will be the same: A-1 Pictures. Besides SOA, the studio is known for adapting Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (2014), Ano Hi Mita (2011) and the Fairy Tail (2009). More recently, they have been found behind Kaguya-sama: Love is War or 86: Eighty Six.

A studio with a varied portfolio and whose reputation is second to none but which is the subject of debate among the community. Solo Leveling being a Korean work at the base, some fans believe that it is not up to a Japanese studio to bring the adaptation but to a Korean studio. An argument supported by the fact that a major part of the manga takes place in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Portals with hostile worlds appeared there, causing dangerous creatures to appear in the land. Hunters are then tasked with defeating them, and are ranked according to their power with E being the lowest ranking. This is the case of Sung Jin Woo, who does not have any special abilities.. Until the day when he will discover that he can increase levels: Sung Jin Woo will then change dimension.

In any case, nothing is done at the moment regarding a Solo Leveling anime. We will have to be patient and wait for an official communication. We can always turn to manga of the same genre, which have become legion since the worldwide success of Solo Leveling: we can think of Druid of Seoul Station or Tales of Demons and Godsthe sixteenth volume of which will be published on June 29.