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God of War, mod: Kratos as you’ve never seen him before…


news tip God of War, mod: Kratos as you’ve never seen him before…

The PC port of God of War was highly anticipated for many reasons, one of which was the ability to mod the game from scratch. its creation adds very – even too – advanced personality features.

The joys of PC porting

God of War, mod: Kratos as you've never seen him before...

After its port on PC on January 14, the GOTY of the year 2018 continues to seduce fans of action-adventure against a backdrop of mythology. If we are to believe the figures from the Steam platform, the adventures of the Greek god Kratos still bring together as many players and God of War is on its way to becoming one of the best PC ports of recent years.

In addition to the quality of its optimization, this port provides a very fluid grip, to the delight of players accustomed to the keyboard mouse combo. But for some, the little pleasures of PC ports aren’t in the graphics or handling, but rather in the possibility of creating mods. From the simplest modifications to gameplay additions, mods allow you to expand the possibilities of a game, and this almost without limit. This is the case of a mod in particular that caught our attention and which may do the same for you…

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A mod that removes all prohibitions

It is Speclizer who is behind the latest mod for God of War, and the least we can say is that it is… impressive. Thanks to the work of Speclizer, you will have access to features like an advanced photo mode, a mode to disable clipping, a real-time character editor, and more ! You’ll find an overview of the changes you can make to Kratos below, and one thing is for sure: they are worth a look.

If you want to get this mod, it is available now for Tier 2 and Tier 3 bosses on the Speclizer’s Patreon. It’s chargeable right now, but it is possible that it will become free after a period of a few weeks. Do not hesitate to return to the Speclizer page if you are interested in this mod!

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Summary of the God of War walkthrough

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