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Game news He creates his own game, faces terrible challenges and becomes a millionaire


Game news He creates his game on his own, faces terrible challenges and becomes a millionaire

HelloSolar.info Legends looks back on the unusual stories that have marked or even changed the world of video games. Last time around, we tracked how a bug that plagued World of Warcraft might have helped advance science. This week we’ll take a look at the tumultuous creation of cult indie game Stardew Valley. An ambitious project in the image of its creator, Eric Barone, our star of the day.

Six months or nothing

Our story begins with Eric Barone, a young student passionate about video games. One day, the latter will undertake a titanic task: that of creating his own game without the help of anyone. Whether it is the graphics, the gameplay, the music, he wants to be the only one working on his game. Our man, to reassure his wife who will have to work for two, sets himself a challenge: complete the creation of Stardew Valley in six months. Just that. However, as we will explain in the video, achieving such a feat alone is almost impossible and inevitably requires sacrifice. These are two things that Barone will quickly understand.

Success at the rendezvous?

But then, did this professional challenge really last only 6 months? For Eric, the answer does not matter, it remains the project of a lifetime. It’s a long road strewn with pitfalls for our developer, but he never gave up, like his companion. He embarked on this obstacle course knowingly and, fortunately, the result was up to the task. After making certain choices, sometimes reluctantly, the glory will finally point the tip of his nose. Years of hardship for a reward worthy of its production. A dream for many designers.

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