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Emmanuel Macron: “Voting is a duty, in Ukraine, democracy is bombarded”


This Monday, April 18, the outgoing President, Emmanuel Macron, was the guest of the program C à vous, on France 5. The candidate LREM returned to the Ukrainian conflict.

A cautious and determined speech. On the C à vous set this Monday evening, Emmanuel Macron detailed his position on the Ukrainian question. “I will go back to kyiv, but I will go back to bring something useful, not just to show support,” he said.

The outgoing President says he has not spoken to Vladimir Putin since the discovery of the Boutcha massacres “because the war has taken another turn”. But in order to prepare for the future, Emmanuel Macron does not close the door to a resumption of exchanges with his Russian counterpart. “I think the day after will not be a return to normal with the same people, you have to be completely clear,” he nevertheless specified.

“I have not spoken to Putin since the massacres discovered in Boutcha and elsewhere because the war in Ukraine has taken another turn. But I do not rule out speaking to him again: the war crimes are clear but we must prepare for the day according to.”@EmmanuelMacron in #ThisYou pic.twitter.com/0g1RIhtXKM

— C to you (@cavousf5) April 18, 2022

Cautious on the subject, the outgoing President refused to define “a red line” not to be crossed. “To say today that there is a red line in Ukraine is to go to war with Russia, a power endowed with nuclear weapons.”

“There was a red line in Syria, it was crossed by Bashar al-Assad helped by Putin, 2 friends of Marine Le Pen. Today, to say that there is a red line in Ukraine is to enter at war with Russia, a nuclear-armed power” @EmmanuelMacron
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— C to you (@cavousf5) April 18, 2022

Emmanuel Macron also made reference to the conflict in Ukraine to encourage the French to go to the polls on Sunday April 24. “2,000 kilometers from here, democracy is bombarded. Democracy is not automatic, it is not a luxury, he hammered. Voting is a duty.”

“Voting is a duty. In Ukraine, democracy is bombarded. Think of Brexit or the election of Trump: think of the citizens who did not see the point of going to vote and who regretted the next day.”@EmmanuelMacron responds to those who want to abstain on Sunday \u2b07\ufe0f#ThisYou pic.twitter.com/oz2yXFHKCl

— C to you (@cavousf5) April 18, 2022