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Elden Ring: the new update deployed, what it changes


Game news Elden Ring: the new update deployed, what it changes

Bandai Namco has released the Elden Ring patch 1.0.5 release notes list today on its official website. The latter mainly fixes many bugs, while bringing some gameplay features that will certainly find takers.

Elden Ring: a change for the vial of miraculous salvation in 1.0.5

Almost two months after the last update deployed on Elden Ring, Bandai Namco and From Software have updated the version of the title with update 1.0.5. If it focuses on fixing many bugs and in particular on weapon abilities that were not triggering correctly. It was following a maintenance, announced this morning by the game’s official Twitter page, that Bandai Namco released the long list of patch notes. Beyond bug fixes, there are minor gameplay tweaks. For example, one of the changes introduced in 1.0.5 concerns the Vial of Miraculous Salvation:

Added emphasis to the choice regarding the Vial of Miraculous Salvation as well as several options that can be enhanced through the Graces menu.

We can also highlight the resolution of various bugs concerning the sites of grace, which malfunctioned at times like that of the boss Radahn. A patch line also specifies that a “bug in some regions allowed players to move to unexpected areas“. What to slow down the speed run ?

Elden Ring: towards a more pleasant new game?

Besides, this patch 1.0.5 brings some controlled options. We note the addition of a noise that indicates when another player uses an invocation, or the conservation of certain objects from one game to another. Players starting a New Game+ will now keep Miner’s Pearls, an extremely practical item for upgrading weapons without having to search for Forging Stones throughout the Underworld.

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In any case, this latest update brings more comfort to the gaming experience than it changes it as 1.03 and 1.04 did. The first had modified a significant content of weapons (including some very popular) by reducing their power, while 1.04 fixed a bug that made one of the toughest bosses in the game almost unbeatable in cooperation.

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