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Hideo Kojima on Xbox: A Sony and PlayStation fan makes a surreal decision


Game news Hideo Kojima on Xbox: A Sony and PlayStation fan makes a surreal decision

Funny era. While Hideo Kojima has just announced a partnership with Xbox Game Studios, a disgruntled fan has decided to counterattack by publishing a petition on the Internet. The latter, scalded by the decision of the Japanese creator, appeals to Sony and Microsoft to request the pure and simple abandonment of the game in development. Just that.

Hideo Kojima on Xbox, this blasphemy

More than twenty-five years ago, the world of manga was shaken by the fury of Video Girl Ai fans who demanded, no more and no less, than the rewriting of the end of the work! At the time, this case caused a stir, but it was hard to imagine that this bad trend would become more democratic over the years. It is enough that a work does not correspond to such and such an expectation for a surge of hate messages or discontent to fall on those concerned, whether it is a creator or a creator, a a studio, a production company and others. Arriving on Xbox, Hideo Kojima had perhaps anticipated some dissatisfaction, as evidenced by the tweet from Kojima Productions published in the morning, but from there to seeing a petition appear, probably not.

Not a first

Through this petition, the person claims the abandonment of the Xbox project by estimating that everyone does not have enough money to buy a new console or boost their PC. As a fan of Hideo Kojima, he wants him to stay on PlayStation.

A little strong in cocoa…

Obviously, in addition to having no chance of succeeding, it is already attracting the wrath of a community which does not forget to remind the person concerned that Hideo Kojima has already developed games on other machines and that the Metal Gear are also part of the Xbox catalog. If it is true that Hideo Kojima, through the prism of Death Stranding, has approached Sony in recent years, the fact remains that Kojima Productions remains an independent studio that is not affiliated with any brand or constructor. Therefore, they are entitled to develop a game for everyone. One could imagine that the studio’s tweet would calm the ardor of the creator of the petition, but it is still online at the time of this writing.

To some this news may seem pointless, but it shows just how far some people are capable of going when they feel something is not going their way. And it’s easy to imagine the pressure that some creators must feel. Masakazu Katsura, the mangaka behind Video Girl Ai, still remembers it…

Proof that this is not new, but a little common sense, sometimes, it really wouldn’t hurt…