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Disappearance in the Amazon: the remains of Dom Philipps and Bruno Pereira identified, update on this double homicide


The investigation into the murder of British journalist Dom Philipps and Brazilian anthropologist Bruno Pereira is progressing. The autopsy of the human remains confirmed the identity of the victims and the police revealed the circumstances of this double homicide.

A forensic examination has established that human remains found in the Amazon rainforest are those of British journalist Dom Phillips, the Brazilian federal police announced on Friday June 17.

Brazilian police have confirmed the death of indigenous expert Bruno Pereira, whose remains were found in a remote area of ​​the Amazon with those of British journalist Dom Phillips who accompanied him, and that both men were killed by “firearm” #AFP

– Agence France-Presse (@afpfr) June 18, 2022

The remains had been transported to Brasilia on Thursday for identification, after being found in the jungle by police, led to the scene by a fisherman who confessed to killing the two men. This weekend, the Brazilian police gave more information on the circumstances of the death of Dom Philipps and Bruno Pereira.

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira had disappeared on June 5 in the isolated valley of Javari, near the border with Peru and Colombia, they would have received threats before leaving on a mission in this remote area of ​​Amazonia, on the borders of Brazil and close to the border with Peru.

Three suspects arrested

According to information reported Saturday, June 18 by the police, the two men were reportedly shot dead. RFI thus reports that Bruno Pereira would have received three shots, a bullet having hit him in the head. Dom Philipps would have been killed by a bullet in the chest. The bodies of the two men were then dismembered and buried.

In this case, three suspects have already been arrested, the latest having surrendered himself to the police of Atalaia do Norte, in the state of Amazonas, reports the federal police quoted by AFP.

\ud83c\udde7\ud83c\uddf7 Las autoridades brasileñas identified los restos del periodista británico Dom Phillips y el experto indigenista Bruno Pereira y confirmed that fueron muertos a tiros, “con munición típica de caza”, en la Amazonía, donde un tercer sospechoso se go to the police #AFP pic.twitter.com/NPbtvUgnAA

– Agence France-Presse (@AFPespanol) June 18, 2022

He would have “actively participated in the double homicide”, indicated the commissioner and according to local media, a fourth suspect is still wanted.

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