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Covid: here is the list of countries in the world where vaccination is now compulsory


Some countries have chosen to make vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory. While in France, as in many European countries, we opt instead for a pass, i.e. a very strong incentive to vaccinate, elsewhere, non-vaccination can lead to sanctions.

In Europe, compulsory vaccination is not the trend. Only one country has so far taken this radical measure against Covid, while most prefer the application of a pass, authorizing, depending on the vaccination status, access or not to certain places open to the public. . In France, for example, the vaccination pass was chosen by the government to access certain places, while certain professions, caregivers or firefighters for example, have the obligation to be vaccinated to work.

Some countries in the world have on the other hand opted for a vaccination obligation applied to the whole of its population, generally according to age groups. We take stock of the places that have adopted compulsory vaccination to fight against Covid-19.


In Austria, vaccination against Covid-19 has been compulsory for all adults over the age of 18 since February 5. Pregnant women, people who had Covid less than six months ago and those who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons are exempt. The others incur heavy fines in the event of non-compliance with the obligation, ranging from €600 to €3,600.00, specifies Ouest France.


In the rest of the world, vaccination has already been compulsory in Indonesia for a year since this rule has been in force since February 2021, which had made the country a pioneer in compulsory vaccination. If the refusal of vaccination can lead to a fine, the measure seems to have difficulty in accelerating the vaccination campaign in the country where only 42% of the population was vaccinated on January 5.

Tajikistan and Turkmenistan

In these two Central Asian countries, vaccination has been compulsory since this summer.


Since December 23, vaccination against Covid has been compulsory for the entire population in Ecuador since this rule applies from the age of 5, reports BFMTV. On the other hand, people who have medical proof preventing them from being vaccinated can be exempted.

Micronesia and New Caledonia

This very small state, which has only 102,000 inhabitants, made vaccination compulsory for all adults over the age of 18 at the end of July. The overseas territory has indeed followed the decision and introduced compulsory vaccination for adults at the end of December.

Compulsory vaccination only for older people

In Greece, vaccination is compulsory for people over 60 years of age. This measure the Greeks, who in this age category, are liable to a fine of 100 euros per month in the event of non-compliance with the rule. In Italy also, people over 50 must be vaccinated before February 15, if they want to continue to go to work and in public places.