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Controversy: “A big soft Switzerland”, the words of MP Nathalie Loiseau deemed “unacceptable”


Nathalie Loiseau, MEP (LREM), dropped during an interview with Le Point that the European Union should not become a “big soft Switzerland” in its management of the Ukrainian crisis. A sentence that shocked the Swiss ambassador in Paris.

“Unacceptable” remarks denounced the Swiss ambassador in Paris this Saturday. Nathalie LoiseauMEP (LREM) told in an interview with the newspaper Point what she could see Ukraine and how the crisis with Moscow looks like a diplomatic test for Europeans.

The interview, published on Friday, was as much fun on social networks as it caused a small controversy with the Swiss authorities. And for good reason. Nathalie Loiseau felt that “facing Moscow, Europe must not be a big soft Switzerland” in its management of the Ukrainian crisis. A sentence used as the title of the article by Le Point that the MP immediately hastened to relay, as is, on Twitter.

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“Unacceptable” remarks

The Twitter account of the Swiss Embassy in France thanked the MP “for talking about Switzerland” because “for decades, we have been working for peace and security, in Europe and in the world. With discretion and determination, alongside of our partners, such as France and the EU, and in multilateral forums.”

But Ambassador Roberto Balzaretti was also quick to denounce “unacceptable” remarks. “I agree on everything with Nathalie Loiseau, we do the same things: help Ukraine, bring the Russians to the negotiating table. I could have given this interview myself. She wanted to push the European Union to do more,” he said.

Before adding that “the tone of his remarks is, to say the least, derogatory. This sentence is very embarrassing. It called for a reaction. These comments are unacceptable.”

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Do not swell the controversy

Ambassador Balzaretti, former Secretary of State for European Affairs, nevertheless decided not to want to inflate the controversy, claiming a “balanced reaction” and claiming to be “completely ready to discuss” with Nathalie Loiseau on how to manage the crisis between Westerners and Russia. And to conclude that “in substance, there is no difference between French policy and Swiss policy on this subject”.

A circumstantial controversy for Nathalie Loiseau who, according to her, deserves to be talked about. “Going to Ukraine, to the Donbass, denouncing the presence of more than 100,000 Russian troops, asking Europe to be firm and recalling that Ukraine only wants freedom and peace, I knew this would trigger some hateful trolls. Not disappointed. It is convenientwe see you”, reacted the MEP.

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