Home LAST NEWS Conflict in Ukraine: “It’s our war”, Olivier Biscaye’s editorial

Conflict in Ukraine: “It’s our war”, Olivier Biscaye’s editorial


The editorial of this Friday, February 25, by Olivier Biscaye, editorial director of Midi Libre.

The war in Ukraine is now our war. That of France. That of all of Europe. That of the existence of free nations. That of the survival of our democratic values. No one knows where Vladimir Putin will stop, no one knows how far his devastating intentions will endanger our stability.

This is our war

This is our war

The risk is great, and at our doorstep. It imposes unfailing unity in the responses of world leaders committed to respect for sovereignty and the law. In the economic sanctions which will isolate Russia and its people and which will avoid at all costs the military escalation to which this criminal tries to push us.

A trap, a necessarily disastrous outcome whose magnitude no one is able to estimate today. An offensive that requires moderation and height of view, on the part of the presidential candidates first, in particular Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Éric Zemmour, all three guilty of blind passivity and indulgence towards a Russian leader whose patriotic power they once praised before denouncing warlike and inhumane behavior yesterday. Political calculation that says a lot about their real ambitions for our country.

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