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28 years after leaving the factory, hundreds of video games found with their original packaging!


Game news 28 years after leaving the factory, hundreds of video games found with their original packaging!

Episode 45212 in the soap opera “don’t throw away what’s in your grandparents’ attic”. Today is the story of a video game salesman who discovers some great gems in Nebraska.

Like good wine, the more time passes…

Sure, there are still retro video games today still in their original packaging just waiting to be discovered. Witness the $100,000 worth of equipment collected by the Cheap Finds Gold Mines duo last September and more recently the Youtube channel THISISGAMEROOM. Two days ago, the duo behind the channel got their hands on a slew of retro games, the majority of which were still in their packaging. They all come from a video game store in Nebraska, which was closed in 1994. The contents of the store were then transported to a warehouse and for nearly 28 years, it slept like a treasure at the bottom of a cave.

It is therefore GameRoom, a reseller specializing in old electronic equipment including retro video games. Two days ago, the store’s youtube channel published a video in which she illustrates her findings and there are frankly beautiful people. Games from Super Nintendo, Mega Drive (Genesis in North America) or even Saturn kept in immaculate condition and for good reason: they are all factory-sealedthat is to say still being with the blister, the plastic that covers the game.

Ali Baba’s cave

However, GameRoom specifies that the collection is not theirs: it helps the owner to get an idea of ​​the total price (which GameRoom refuses to specify until it has documented everything properly) and promises in the same collection time. If we must recognize that a good part of the games found in the collection are not hits of the time, some are more than enough to attract the eye: at the end of the video, we can see Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3. These two Super Nintendo games are superbly preserved and their value can quickly increase over the years. For example, a Chrono Trigger in the state New reached 2400 dollars according to Price Charting. As for Final Fantasy III, it is estimated at 1289 dollars.

While that may seem like a lot (and it actually is), some famous game cartridges sometimes reach much higher ceilings. This summer, a Super Mario Bros cartridge sold for two million dollars while a Super Mario 64 cartridge went up for auction for $1.56 million. In another area, it was also Pokémon cards and in particular the holographic Charizard that shook the web last year. NFTs have better watch out: speculation has been around for a long time in the field of video games.