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Zelda Breath of the Wild: do you want to play in New Game +? It’s possible with this glitch!


news tip Zelda Breath of the Wild: do you want to play in New Game +? It’s possible with this glitch!

Attention all Breath of the Wild players: an incredible glitch has been discovered. Fans of New Game+ will be delighted, because it allows you to transfer your inventory from one save to another, without going through Memory Storage! We explain how to proceed.

The king of glitches

Zelda Breath of the Wild: do you want to play in New Game +? It's possible with this glitch!

The world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is as vast as it is detailed, allowing every player to enjoy a different gaming experience, no matter how many times you play it. Such a complete world cannot exist without its share of bugs, glitches, and other quirks, but it would seem that the community sees this sort of thing quite positively, since it leads to quite an impressive number of exploits. Not long ago, we informed you of yet another glitch allowing players to override Link’s ineptitude at swimming and explore the seabed freely.

Although nice, this bug is likely to be quickly dethroned by a brand new discovery: an inventory glitch allowing items to be transferred from one game to another, including in Expert Mode. Breath of the Wild’s Expert Mode appears with the Trials of the Sword DLC, which allows you to play two games in parallel: one game in Normal Mode, and one in Expert Mode. In this game mode, enemies are more powerful, smarter, and can regenerate their hit points if you stop attacking them. You may even come across a silver Lynel early in the game, which may make things worse. But if you follow our guide on how to transfer your inventory from one game to another, you’ll make short work of it!

Set up the glitch

First of all, know that it was quite possible to transfer your inventory from one game to another before today through an exploit called Memory Storagebut it required a real titanic work, like play the entire game without dying or saving – among others. Fortunately, thanks to the discovery of this new glitch, the days of Memory Storage are over!

To set up this new glitch, you must first overload console RAM. You will need at least 5 multiarrow bows (you can get some by defeating Lynel) and electric arrows. Start by aiming and loading the arrows to the maximum then, while still pressing the aim button, go to the inventory to throw bow and equip another. Repeat the maneuver until Link is invisible in the menu.

This done, you must now hold 4 objects (ingredients for example) by making sure that there are some left at least one of each in your inventory. Pick up the bows you dropped, and sell all of the items you are holding to a merchant for the slots to become empty. Then return to inventory to hold a fifth object (different from the ones you just sold) and throw it away.

When you pick it up, the slots where the items you sold were will be bugged and contain a copy of the last 4 items in your inventoryi.e. the last 4 Special Items that you have collected (Monstrous Saddle, Teleportation Amulet, etc.), until you close the game completely.

Transfer objects to another backup

Once the 4 slots are bugged, go to the main menu. Start a new part (regardless of the difficulty level) and collect the Sheikah tablet. Once done, you will be able to find the copied items in your inventory. To be able to use them correctly, just save and restart the game. If you skip this step, they may not work.

But as you might expect, this feat doesn’t stop there. This is because the entire first part of the glitch of creating buggy inventory slots can be repeated multiple times, creating 4 additional buggy slots each time.. As soon as you have more bugged slots than special items, the game will start copying items from other inventory categories. You may therefore be able to copy equipment and even weapons – such as the Legendary Sword for example.. The game will follow the following order to cycle through the categories:

So if you empty your stock of food and keep only the elements that interest you the most on your person, you can transfer them to a new save in the same way. Note that to have access to these copied objects, it is imperative save and restart the game.

This glitch includes the arc of light if you have it in your possession, but haven’t unlocked it yet, just make your locations buggy include the last box in the Arcs category. Once done, advance to the final battle to obtain the coveted weapon, and go to the main menu to start a new game.

Duplicate lots of objects easily

In addition to being able to transfer items from one save to another, this exploit also allows you to duplicate items as much as you want.. To do this, set up the glitch with the bow, electric arrows, and held and sold items. Repeat the process as many times as needed to include the item you want to duplicate. It can be any item, even Spirit Orbs, Korok Nuts, and Ancient Hearts.

Once the desired number of slots has been reached, instead of going to the main menu, just load your game. If you take a look in your inventory, you will be able to see the items you have duplicated there, including stacks or heaps of objects. For example, if you had a bunch of 20 pieces of woodyou will find a copy of this pile in your inventory, and you just have to drop one and pick it up so it stacks on top of the other, rather than taking up more space in your inventory.

Also note that you can repeat the operation without having to start setting up the glitch again. Just save and load your game, and your items will be duplicated again. Note that you will recover less than the first time since some pitches will be occupied by the objects you copied the first time.

If you want to see this glitch in action beyond the screenshots provided by Gaming Reinventedwe invite you to watch their explanatory video below:

And you, have you ever tried to copy objects in Breath of the Wild? Are you thinking of trying this new trick? Tell us everything in the comments!

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