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Zelda: 33 Secrets of Nintendo’s Adventure Saga


Game News Zelda: 33 Secrets of Nintendo’s Adventure Saga

The Legend of Zelda is, without hesitation, one of the most significant sagas in the history of video games. We invite you to rediscover it from another angle, through 33 secrets hidden in the many games of the franchise.

The Legend of a saga

The Legend of Zelda was born in the premises of Nintendo in 1986, by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. The saga mainly draws its influence from Shigeru Miyamoto’s walks in the countryside of Kyoto. The highlight of these walks is the discovery of a cave in the middle of the woods. Despite his fears, the future developer entered the cave and explored it with a lantern, creating the mythical scene of Zelda 1, where Link must enter a cave to find a sword. The saga currently has 19 main games, in addition to reissues and remakes. Basically very codified, the license broke its codes, but also those of the media, with the release of the latest opus to date: Breath of the Wild.

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Breath of the wild, a new beginning

Released in 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has completely redefined the way of approaching video games, with the freedom given to the player from the start. The title allows you to understand the puzzles and fights as you wish, with the help of the tools offered from the first hours of play. You also have the choice of going directly to break Ganon’s mouth, from the outset ( at your own risk), or explore the entire map if you feel like it. Breath of the Wild has influenced the industry so much that other games are inspired by it, with the most recent example: Sonic Frontiers. Yes, even the hedgehog could not escape it. A sequel, whose official name we still don’t know, is expected in 2023.

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