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Prince of Persia: The Ubisoft remake still planned, but still postponed


Game News Prince of Persia: The Ubisoft remake still planned, but still postponed

Recently we learned that the development of the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time changed hands, moving from Ubisoft Mumbai to Ubisoft Montreal. If the news cast doubt on a possible release of the game for the current year, Ubisoft has just specified its plans for the software.

Time passes… and still nothing

The announcement dates back to 2020: Ubisoft unveils during its Forward the remake of its cult game Prince of Persia originally released in 2003. The license is undeniably one of the studio’s most popular titles, so this news is enough to stir up many fans. Even better, the French giant is planning a release for January 10, 2021.

But a few months later, Ubisoft backtracked and postponed the game for later this year. Ultimately, the bad news follows one another like the successive postponements of the game. The title is even missing from the Ubisoft Forward June 2022 and since then the studio has stopped communicating more around this project, at least until recently.

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It was only last May that Prince of Persia Remake resurfaced. Ubisoft announced the transfer of software development from its branch based in Mumbai to its Ubisoft Montrealbirthplace of the Sands of Time triology. If the news is that development is still actively underway, it doesn’t bode well for an imminent release. And it is on this subject that Ubisoft has just shared a non-negligible precision.

The hourglass of development

As you might think, it’s still bad news that Ubisoft has just announced to us. The Sands of Time Remake is once again postponed as a result of the change of studio in charge of development. This time, the French giant does not share a date, but rules out the possibility of an exit for the 2022-2023 season.

As a result of the studio change, we are no longer aiming for a fiscal year 2023 release and the game has been delisted. If players who pre-ordered the game wish to cancel their pre-order, we invite them to contact their resellers. More information will be released as development continues to move forward.

So yes, the news is undoubtedly disappointing for many fans impatient to find the adventures of the Persian prince, but it remains logical with regard to the previous announcement of the change of studio. As Ubisoft abandons the idea of ​​a publication for the fiscal year 2023, we must now expect a release past March of next year. Still according to the studio, more information will be communicated later. We will therefore have to be patient before learning more.

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