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V Rising, optimizing resource farming, our complete guide


news tip V Rising, optimizing resource farming, our complete guide

In V Rising, you will very often find yourself harvesting a bunch of resources to upgrade your gear and castle. Although conducting your hunts and other activities will allow you to loot a lot, focusing on certain resources in particular will require a little optimization in order to save a lot of time. Find in this guide all our tips on optimizing resource harvesting.

Optimize resource farming

While it may come naturally to some, going off to harvest resources in droves takes some preparation. Indeed, the farm in V Rising is quite large and you will have to gather a lot of resources in order to develop your character and your castle. Here are some tips to help you optimize this long and time-consuming activity.

Know where to look

Hunting for a specific resource is not that difficult in V Rising. Naturally, you will randomly come across certain foodstuffs while walking around. But if you’re looking for something specific, the map is your best friend. Take a look at the different locations marked in an area. Hovering over it brings up a bunch of information about the resources you’ll find there.. Want copper to finally leave that dusty bone gear behind? The Bois de Farbane Bandit Copper Mine is for you. You want to make windows or tackle late-game stuff, find Quartz in Dunley Monastery.

Your map is full of information and you should go through it at least every time you look for a new resource.

Mines are the best areas to find ore!

V Rising, optimizing resource farming, our complete guide

Empty your inventory

Depending on your server settings, stacks can be quite limited. That is, the number of resources that can be stacked on a single space in your inventory. Leaving with a full bag will make you come back far too quickly from your harvesting session. Remember to store what you have on you, especially if you are going to a mine. You will need a lot of minerals of all kinds and they tend to fill your bag very quickly. Reducing the number of runs will greatly facilitate your progress and save you wasted time.

The right weapon…

Even if the tutorial implies it, a small precision does not hurt. Each type of weapon has its own bonus against this or that resource. You have four of them up to iron, with the latter unlocking two other weapons. It goes without saying that using the right weapon on the right resource will, again, save you a lot of time. And in PvP, speed is survival.

Using the correct weapon type increases the damage you do to the resource. You don’t earn more but will get it faster. This information is indicated on the different weapons.

Using the slicers ensures faster plant harvest

V Rising, optimizing resource farming, our complete guide

…and the good third

In addition, you must have the correct weapon tier to harvest the resource in question. In general, each zone has new resources allowing you to move on to the next tier of equipment. Having at least the improved tier below the area where you are is mandatory to harvest these new resources. For example, you will only be able to get iron from an upgraded copper weapon(preferably a mass). You can unlock these weapons through research. Find all our tips on the latter in our guide, Research, how to unlock all technologies efficiently.

Here is precisely which tier you must have at least per zone:

Research leads to upgraded weapons

V Rising, optimizing resource farming, our complete guide

Blood group

Finally, if you’re heading out for an intense harvest session, consider cooling off with a peasant sip. Indeed, the latter very often have the Worker Blood Group greatly improving your yield when harvesting resources; damage to resources, number you get, chance to recover all resources in one attack, just that!

You can easily find workers in the Dunley Farmlands, they abound in the various villages and farms. Ultimately, the best is to have a peasant with a high worker blood group locked up in one of your prisons. You can then drain his blood at will in order to further optimize your farming sessions. Discover our guide All about blood group classes and how to get them for more specific information on this subject.

Max quality blood optimized for the farm

V Rising, optimizing resource farming, our complete guide

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