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V Rising: Ever more impressive sales, a new milestone reached!


Game News V Rising: Ever more impressive sales, a new milestone reached!

Definitely, it’s a lively start to the week for V Rising, the game whose gameplay is at the crossroads between Valheim and Diablo, all in a vampiric atmosphere! After the publication and then the withdrawal of a patch, the studio published a new update and took the opportunity to reveal the new sales figures!

V Rising continues to stack sales!

Four days after its early access release, V Rising had been bought 500,000 times on Steam. Three days later, we learned that the million mark was crossed. Enough to satisfy the developers, ensure the financial health of the studio, and move slowly towards version 1.0 of the game.

A week later, the success of V Rising continues to be confirmed by the numbers, as the developers announced today that their production has now sold over 1.5 million units. Of course, such success is a double-edged sword, because every update, every feature added and every problem will be immediately spotted by a very large community.

1,500,000 Awakened Vampires! Overwhelming power!

Game stabilization before adding content

Features 88% positive ratingsit’s hard to imagine what could prevent V Rising from continuing to rack up sales and pass the 2 million mark in a few days. Last year, Valheim experienced the same enthusiasm, with a total of 10 million copies sold at the end of April 2022.

We noticed it when we saw the extremely quick reaction of the developers following the hotfix issue we were telling you about yesterday morning and this afternoon, but the priority of the studio, for the time being, is fix bugs, optimize the servers, improve the handling of the titr and carry out the necessary balancing.

Once this is done, the developers at Stulock Studios will focus on adding content and on the publication of a roadmap. Aside from hotfixes, small updates fixing pressing issues, the team says it prefer to work on substantial updates which mark the blow, rather than on small patches here and there.

We put so much love, time, sweat and blood into this experience not knowing if you will feel what we feel. You did it! (…) Our mission will be to find out what is most important to our players and how to take V Rising to the next level. We currently plan to work on more comprehensive updates rather than rolling out frequent smaller patches and minor changes, the team says.

It’s too early to tell when the first patch of larger V Rising content will arrive, as we’ll give it time to make sure it brings something new to the experience. This will require more patience from you as a fan! In the meantime, we will do our best to ensure that the first content update will be worth the wait, previously added Johan Ilves, the marketing director.

The overwhelming support V Rising has received not only gives us the opportunity to finalize our plans for the game, it also gives us enough time to include some of your darkest dreams of what the experience may be like when of the full output. We can promise you something very special for version 1.0.