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The Sims 4 Werewolves: customization, packs, bestial form… What does the new game pack have in store for us?


Game news The Sims 4 Werewolves: customization, packs, bestial form… What does the new game pack have in store for us?

Recently, EA introduced us to its new game pack. Several years after the arrival of vampires in the game, it will soon be the turn of werewolves to invade the world of Sims. While there are only a few days to wait before its release, the developers presented the pack and its novelties to us for almost an hour. This is what we took away.

Customize your werewolf

As indicated by his name, this game pack will allow you to embody werewolves. And since we are in The Sims 4, the first step is of course to create them. The least we can say is that customization enthusiasts will be served. Each werewolf (from adolescence) has two forms: his human form and his wolf form. If customization is your thing, then get ready for twice the fun. On the other hand, if creating a Sim for you is already too tedious a step, EA has planned for it. You can actually choose to link the two shapes using a simple box. Once checked, any changes you make to your human Sim will reflect on your wolf form.

For those who are more of the first team, a little overview is necessary. This new game pack of course introduces new clothes, all in all quite classic. Note all the same that a good part of them imply a recent transformation (torn jeans, tattered T-shirt…). Sure, you can choose not to give any clothing to your werewolf, his fur already constituting an imposing coat.

This is also where the wolf form becomes really interesting in terms of creation. Similar to skin color, you can choose the color of your Sim’s fur. We thus find the traditional palette allowing you to give free rein to your desires. Sure, some fur models are available, from the most basic to the most wacky (v-shape, harlequin, fluorescent skeleton, etc.). And if you really want to stand out, it’s even possible to draw to create your own fur. Using different brushes straight out of Photoshop, you can smudge some parts and fill others with stamps. A special brush can also add scars to your brawling wolf body. A new tool has also been developed to add scars to the face or body of your human Sim.

Once is not custom, The Sims 4: Werewolves emphasizes heavy customization, so you can bring your story ideas to life. The developers have indeed assumed that the appearance of your Sim says a lot about his relationship to lycanthropy. Wearing clothes as a wolf can thus symbolize a desire to deny one’s nature or to coexist peacefully with non-wolves. The many scars and willingness to show off in its simplest guise can instead show a more savage and bestial side. Note that this dichotomy is really at the heart of the Werewolves pack, whether on the customization or life simulation side, but we will come back to that a little later.

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Because before that, it is necessary to make a small detour on the side of the different ways to become a werewolf. Because if you do not directly create a werewolf, it is still possible to become one, and this in several ways. First, you can get bitten by a wolf with the ability to transform humans. It can be a choice or an accident. If the transformation operates rather quickly in the first case, in the second it takes a little longer. The goal ? Give Sims a chance to avoid this path (just like they can look for another way to become a wolf if they’re a little curious). Note that in most cases, even if a baby is born a wolf, it will need to perform a number of actions to awaken its lycan nature. In short, EA always gives us leeway to choose how our Sims will evolve, which is particularly appreciable (although usual).

The Sims 4 Werewolves: customization, packs, bestial form... What does the new game pack have in store for us?

What wolf are you?

In the town of Moonwood Hill, two packs live side by side. We have on one side the Wildfangs and on the other the Moonwood Collective. If one is rather team savagery and punk attitude, the other follows a logic of peace, humanism and cohabitation. Depending on the philosophy of your Sim, you will therefore have to go towards one or the other. If you want to join one of these two packs, you will have to complete a certain number of quests and prerequisites. Once in the band, be careful not to stray from the values ​​of the latter or else it will be the door. If you feel like it, you can try to become the alpha of the pack you have chosen. On the other hand, it is impossible to create your own pack. If the developers justify this choice by the care given to the lore of the two packs, this limitation is still harmful.

But besides, what’s the point of joining a pack in The Sims 4: Werewolves? Well this gives you a number of advantages. By accessing the Band HQ, you can notably obtain new resources or collectibles. The members of your pack also automatically become linked to you: you can organize great outings together and your interactions with them are more likely to be successful.

The Sims 4 Werewolves: customization, packs, bestial form... What does the new game pack have in store for us?

But despite all these small advantages, you can of course decide to play the lone wolf. The idea is always the same for EA: allow players to create their own stories. Nevertheless, you will be forced to undergo some things unique to werewolves. These are in particular sensitive to the different phases of the moon (represented in game). Note also that the full moon has a particular influence on Moonwood Hill and what can happen there.

But it’s mostly The mode Enraged which will sometimes upset your plans. linked to your Temperaments of wolf, it can activate when you perform too many actions going against them. In this mode, the beastly side takes over and you’re stuck in your wolf body doing wolf things. (marking your territory, breaking things…). Even if your Sim is more the type to deny his nature, it can still come back to him in the face without him being able to do anything about it.

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Werewolves also have their own unlockable abilities. If some (the dormant abilities) are activated by carrying out very specific actions, the others are exchanged thanks to the traditional ability points. They are numerous and some of them are particularly interesting. We will let you discover them in due time.

The Sims 4 Werewolves: customization, packs, bestial form... What does the new game pack have in store for us?

Like a little tune from Twilight?

We continue our dive on this full moon evening with a novelty that will revive memories for young people who watched Twilight in his days : impregnation (fated mate). In the game, each werewolf has another wolf destined for them. The couple of two beings linked in this way is much stronger and more resistant than a couple of normal Sims. However, unlike the film series, this can only be about two werewolves. Recreate in game the link uniting Jacob to little Renesmee, so it will not be for this time.

But the tunes of Twilight don’t stop there. With its environment that is both forest and industrial, Moonwood Mill is somewhat reminiscent of the La Push Reserve. In addition to a lake where somewhat special fish swim, this unique place offers tunnels and other caves to explore, even if we could not see the extent of the novelties brought to this level. As for places to live, we note the presence of a bar and a bookstore. The latter will allow you to discover all the lore of Moonwood Mill and lycanthropy in general. The developers wanted to answer a number of questions about the nature of the werewolf and promise the curious little one a ton of information to find everywhere.

Who says game pack, also says new furniture and construction. We will not make a detailed list here, but know that the additions are of course in line with the spirit of Moonwood Mill (with the air of an abandoned factory and forest furniture). Jumbled up, there is also a possible interaction with dogs from the Dogs and Cats extension and, of course, a new way to kill your Sim. You will understand, there are things to say about this game pack, and yet we only had the right to a presentation of an hour.

Sims fans will be able to tell new stories and explore previously inscrutable paths. The content is more than correct and even interesting in several aspects. However, as with all The Sims 4 expansions, these are just a few more additions. If you were hoping for profound changes, you may be disappointed. EA maintains its usual course of action. If we accept that, then this game pack is more than correct and looks even richer and more interesting than its latest predecessors.

As a reminder, the game pack will be available from June 16, 2022 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One, for the modest sum of $ 19.99 (like all game packs).

The Sims 4 Werewolves: customization, packs, bestial form... What does the new game pack have in store for us?

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