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Street Fighter 6: Capcom responds to the Fei Long controversy


Game News Street Fighter 6: Capcom responds to the Fei Long controversy

Rumors about Fei Long’s character not appearing in Street Fighter 6 due to legal rights have been brushed aside by Capcom.

Capcom responded, via the Street Fighter 6 game director, to Fei Long character rumors, at Eurogamer. According to the Japanese firm, there is no problem for integrating the character in Street Fighter 6.

Rumors Say Fei Long Will Never Return To Street Fighter

Street Fighter 6: Capcom responds to the Fei Long controversy

We told you about it in a news item last month: Daniel Lindholm, main composer of Street Fighter 5, affirmed that the Fei Long’s character could disappear. In question, the fact that he is a parody of Bruce Lee, and that the family of the famous actor would not really appreciate this kind of representations. Since, Shannon Lee, daughter of the actor, had responded to the rumors via Bruce Lee’s official Twitter account, explaining that Lindholm had made statements that were totally wrong, and that there was no talk of removing the character from the Street Fighter franchise. Until then, Capcom had not yet reacted. The firm has just done so, through Takayuki Nakayamadirector of Street Fighter 6.

Nakayama indeed replied to these rumours, at Eurogamer:

All this information that we hear about Bruce Lee’s entourage has turned out to be false. I can’t say if he will be in the game or not, but there are certainly no legal issues.

So it’s pretty clear to players that the character of Fei Long will not disappear. On the other hand, we do not yet know the complete catalog of characters present in Street Fighter 6, so there is no certainty that Fei Long will be part of it. Let us also recall that Fei Long was never a playable character in Street Fighter 5, even via DLC. This is one of the reasons that had given credence to these rumours. As for the Street Fighter 6 character list that already leaked earlier this month, Fei Long wasn’t one of them either..

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Source : Eurogamer

Street Fighter 6 is slated for release in 2023 on Steam, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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