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Starfield: Bethesda Adds Precision For Cutscenes, Players Left Speechless


Game News Starfield: Bethesda Adds Precision For Cutscenes, Players Left Speechless

Presented for fifteen minutes yesterday in detail at the Xbox Bethesda conference, Starfield is still the subject of questions and interrogations if not more than before the release of its gameplay. Among them are those on dubbing and cutscenes, questions to which Bethesda quickly reacted.

Starfield: presentation reminder

Sunday evening was held on Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase, a conference for Xbox which allowed him to present his projects and especially his games to come in the next twelve months. Among them was Starfield, this “skyrim from space” according to its producer, game more than expected for the players and which showed its gameplay for the first time in a presentation of about fifteen minutes.

This presentation, more than welcome, nevertheless seems to have raised more questions than answers. First, players wonder about the density of the world of Starfield. It has been mentioned that “more than 1000 planets will be explored” . A number that seems huge at first sight, especially on the technical level. If this were to come true, players nevertheless doubt the variety of these planets and imagine empty biomes used for the collection of resources.

Starfield: what dubbing for the main character?

In addition to this question mark that runs through the heads of some, others wonder about the bias taken by Bethesda concerning the main character. Will it be doubled like in Fallout 4? Or will it be voiceless like Bethesda’s early games? On Twitter, the studio’s official page made things clear by answering the question:

Yes, the dialogues in Starfield will be in the first person and your character does not have a voice.

An initiative that seems to excite the players: some say they can not immerse themselves in the skin of their protagonist if he uses his own words, while others consider that the dubbing can sometimes be generic.

In addition, Bethesda also reports opting for a first-person view of cutscenes. A decision that seems less unanimous than the previous one: some remember the cold and unsympathetic models seen up close during its cutscenes. In any case, we will have to wait for a new communication from Bethesda to see the work done.

As a reminder, Starfield is released exclusively for consoles on Xbox Series and Xbox One but also on PC. It is expected for 2023.