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Sonic Central: a dated event to talk about projects around the blue hedgehog


News event Sonic Central: a dated event to talk about projects around the blue hedgehog

More news for Sonic! After the two gameplay sequences released from Sonic Frontiers, a Sonic Central was announced tonight for tonight and should talk about this year’s blue hedgehog projects in the broadest sense of the word.

Always more Sonic

For the past few days, Sonic the Blue Hedgehog has caught the spotlight. Sonic Frontiers, the next open world game from the SEGA mascot which seeks to create new foundations for the license, was illustrated through two gameplay sequences. In the process, this is the official Twitter page Sonic the Hedghehog who announced tonight a Sonic Central scheduled for today at 6:00 p.m. French time. It’s on the Twitch channel and the Youtube channel of Sonic that it will air:

Tune in to preview some of our upcoming projects, partnerships and events happening in 2022!

Sonic Central: what can we expect from it?

First of all, part of the Sonic community is probably hoping for a postponement of Sonic Frontiers: following the release of gameplay footage, they expressed their dissatisfaction with the game this weekend by raising the hashtag DelaySonicFrontiers (push back Sonic Frontiers). In question, it is the mediocre quality of the game (clipping, rigid animations and soft fights) which seems to be singled out. In addition, it should be mentioned that Sonic Origins is released on June 23: this would therefore be an opportunity for SEGA to recall its upcoming release. We can also expect more minor announcements like collaborations with the management license Two Point. Finally, maybe SEGA will reveal new remakes and remasters about the blue hedgehog.

In this press release, it is clearly stated that it is about Sonic in the broad sense of the term, that is to say that it will not only be about video games. Remember that many projects for the small screen and dark rooms are also in the pipeline. Whether sonic 3 won’t arrive before 2023 (and therefore probably won’t be part of this conference), it may be the case of the series dedicated to Knuckles (voiced by Idris Elba) which does not yet have a release date.