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Genshin Impact, June’s Abyss: What to Expect? Our guide


news tip Genshin Impact, June’s Abyss: What to Expect? Our guide

They are here, the Abyss of the beginning of June on Genshin Impact. Don’t forget to do them before the mid-month reset! Check out our June Abyss guide below, with all of our tips and tricks, in our Genshin Impact walkthrough.

With the arrival of the new “Perilous Path” event on Genshin Impact, you may have forgotten to take care of the Abyss. It would be a shame to miss them, especially if you want to summon the very classy Yelan, the new character of the game. So, what to expect at the beginning of June?

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon – Approaching Moon

”’Normal attack damage increases by 16% for 8 seconds when the deployed character uses an elemental skill. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times, the duration of each stack being calculated independently.

Advice and strategy

Genshin Impact, June's Abyss: What to Expect? Our guide

Floor 12 – Room 1

Ideally use an Anemo character, like Venti Where Sucrose which can allow you to combine the False Flowers in one place to kill them with your area damage.

For the second part, ideally use characters ‘Cryo and Hydro in order to quietly freeze the Colossi and Guardians of the Ruins to kill them without danger.

Floor 12 – Room 2

Use attacks Geo and pyro to quickly destroy opponents’ shields.

For the second part, choose characters that can do maximum damage in a fast period, and put everything you have on the Oni Blade who, luckily, is not very mobile.

Floor 12 – Room 3

Your goal here, to make the fight easier, is going to be to gather the Abyssal Elementosaurs in order to use your most powerful attacks to bring down their life at the same time.

A Perpetual Mechanical Matrix awaits you in the last part of these Abyss. Here, as always, Hydro+Pyro and Cryo + Pyro will do wonders in terms of damage.

Don’t forget to collect your Primitive Gems once out!