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Realme in collaboration with Dragon Ball for its GT Neo 2 smartphone: our unboxing!


News hardware Realme in collaboration with Dragon Ball for its GT Neo 2 smartphone: our unboxing!

Eager to offer new collaborations, the Realme brand is releasing a special Dragon Ball model with its GT Neo 2. Only available in Asia for the moment, this smartphone has passed through the hands of the Editorial staff for an unboxing that is eye-popping (at least, if you’re a fan of the saga!).

There are collaborations not to be missed and that is why we are offering you this Realme GT Neo 2 Dragon Ball Edition phone unboxing, fruit of the association between the manufacturer, Toei Animation and the saga of Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball (even if there is a lot of DBZ also in this phone, as you can see for yourself on the video).

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A smartphone in a Saiyan outfit

First, the box is carefully crafted. There are several forms of the Saiyan with relief effects for the Goku in normal form. The phone itself is in the colors of the hero’s outfit, orange and blue, and you can find the Japanese character “Go” near the lenses. The model is a Realme GT Neo 2 and apart from the Dragon Ball design, the characteristics are the same as those of the basic version. The wallpapers as well as the icons of the device are customized on the occasion of this partnership. A charging screen dedicated to the saga is even available. The key to eject the sim card is also inspired by the famous manga since it is Goku’s famous four-star crystal ball. To complete it all, a decorative Shenron card and a large number of stickers will allow you to personalize your smartphone and its protective shell. This collaboration is currently only available in Asia and we still don’t know if this Dragon Ball phone could arrive in France. Fingers crossed!

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