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PS5: Sony reveals the sales figures for its console, better results than the PS4?


business news PS5: Sony reveals the sales figures for its console, better results than the PS4?

Sony has just unveiled the sales figures for the latest Playstation. The PS5 achieves very good scores despite the shortage of components. Sony also promises a significant increase in its production efforts in the next six months, an announcement that follows recent financial reports from the giant.

Several important data

As part of its 2022 report, Sony recently communicated a lot of information on the results of its various activities as well as its projections for the years to come. Among its data, the manufacturer notably shared its first predictions for a return to normal PS5 stocksas well as a first estimate regarding the end of Cross-Gen PS4/PS5 releases.

If the dates revealed by the firm may seem distant, it must be understood that Sony (and ultimately the entire video game industry) must work with a significant number of irregular parameters. The COVID crisis has greatly impacted the production and circulation of hardware components, and the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict has set in motion the logistics plans of many industries, including tech.

If PS5s are still struggling to leave the factory, what about machines that have already been produced? Following its previous report, Sony has just shared the sales figures for its latest addition, which honestly has nothing to be ashamed of when compared to its big sister, the PS4.

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The PS5 stronger than the PS4?

It was Veronica Rogers, director of business strategy at Sony Interactive Entertainment, who revealed the machine’s sales figures to Gamesindustry. We learn that the firm has sold nearly 20 million copies of its machine since its release at the end of 2020.

We are delighted to report that Sony Interactive Entertainment has sold over 20 million Playstation 5s worldwide. Since the launch of PS5, our teams have worked hard to deliver a true next-gen gaming experience that has won over the world and we want to take the time to thank fans for their support. Your passion for the Playstation brand is what drives and inspires us to innovate new technologies, shape the future of gaming, and continue to build the best place to play.

These excellent figures achieved by the PS5 therefore testify to the still fervent interest of fans for the Playstation brand. Faced with its big sister the PS4, it should be noted that the latest machine from Sony is ultimately not very far.

With 20 million machines sold in 18 months and 22 days, the PS5 is doing less well than its elder which reached these figures in 15 months and 14 days. Nevertheless, this “delay” is obviously due to the current crisis. A situation that Sony understands well, and against which the firm wishes to fight. As indicated in the manufacturer’s balance sheet, Veronica Rogers announces that Sony is planning “a significant increase in PS5 production” and that “Sony is working hard to make the console available to anyone who wants to own one.”

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