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Prime Video: our guide to getting the algorithm back on track


news tip Prime Video: our guide to getting the algorithm back on track

Between its quality documentaries, its big budget series and its timeless films, Amazon’s SVOD service has something to keep you busy during all your evenings. However, it sometimes happens that we spend more time choosing content than watching it. To help the algorithm advise you better, there is a very simple technique.

Whether you’re more the type to binge-watch an old series month after month or prefer to catch all the new stuff to avoid spoilers at work, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your entertainment cravings using Prime Video. But with the growing number of content available on Jeff Bezos’ platform, it’s becoming more and more complicated to quickly find the movie or series that will occupy your evening. What if we told you that there is Any tips to help the algorithm identify you better? We will explain everything to you.

Stupid and not so mean

Prime Video: our guide to getting the algorithm back on track

Amazon’s SVOD service algorithm works like any other. When you watch content, whether it’s a movie, documentary, series or even a show, it will offer you other videos of the same genre, or that you liked. other users who have looked at the same thing. Thereby, if you watch Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, for example, chances are your homepage will be full of other superhero-based content. like Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman or The Boys.

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But like any human being, you might have watched movies or series that you didn’t like that much in the end. In the eyes of the algorithm, whether you liked a movie or not makes no difference. Watched The Conjuring: The Warren Files losing a bet on Halloween when you hate horror movies? No luck: the algorithm will offer you the most creepy things it can have up its sleeve. But then, how do you convince the algorithm to move on?

Remaking history

Prime Video: our guide to getting the algorithm back on track

We have all watched something that makes us a little ashamed, and of which we would like to erase all the evidence. If you haven’t been waiting for a news tip on how to clear your browsing history, you might not have thought about it yet for a service like Amazon Prime Video. However, the SVOD platform does have its own history, and you can very well access it to empty it. To do this, simply log on to the web version of the platform and follow these steps:

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By doing so, in addition to hiding your activity from anyone who might have access to your account, you will convince the Amazon Prime Video algorithm that you no longer want it to consider this content as viewed. In this way, he will no longer use the latter to recommend other films or series of the same genre. Be careful though: this feature is linked to your profile, not on your account. So make sure you’re on your own profile before doing anything.

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