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Nintendo draws its weapons again against a Youtubeur


Game News Nintendo draws its weapons again against a Youtubeur

As we know, Nintendo does not joke with its intellectual property: whether it is pirates or simple content creators, Big N does not make the distinction and strikes down anyone who dares to take it back.

Nintendo strikes again

New episode in the soap opera Nintendo asks some Youtubers to remove their music content related to their licenses. Ten days after more than 500 complaints were filed against content creator DeoxysPrime, SynaMax was targeted. Since 2004, he has been composing and producing covers of songs from the franchise Metroid Prime. Of course, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo knocked on its door. In a video posted yesterday, he explains that he received a letter from the firm’s legal team on May 31 asking him to remove nine of his videos.

I understand that this is their license and intellectual property and they have every legal right to want to remove this content. – SynaMax

SynaMax adds that he does not understand Nintendo’s initiative, despite the fact that they have the right to do so. The Kyoto firm could simply demonetize content that does not respect copyrights: it takes artists as an example Aphex Twin and Yellow. Synamax specifies that he is not looking to make money with his covers but simply because it entertains him and his audience.

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Don’t touch the music!

This is not the first time that Nintendo has acted in such a way, leaving Youtubers dumbfounded. As mentioned above, it is DeoxysPrime who was in the sights of Big N. Here, no question of covers made but original soundtracks of games signed Nintendo: Smash Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong… More than 500 copyright complaints have been filed. An almost massive destruction of the chain, which was also observed at the beginning of the year. This time they are 1300 complaints that hit GilvaSunner who also recorded music from Nintendo games to make them available on a global listening platform.

In any case, these three content creators did not have the same “sanction“but the same reaction: a bitter taste in the mouth and the desire to have nothing more to do with Nintendo’s music. At home, they must also ask themselves the same question as many players across this planet: but what does Nintendo do with its music?

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