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New shooting in the United States: a gunman kills four people in a medical center


On Wednesday, June 1, a man armed with a rifle opened fire in a medical building in Oklahoma. A new murderous shooting in the United States, still bereaved by the mass killing in an elementary school in Texas.

A man with a rifle fired inside a medical building in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma on Wednesday, killing four people, police said, in what is yet another deadly shooting spree in the states. -United.

The authorities indicated that the assailant was also dead, without the circumstances of his death being immediately known. The evacuation of the St. Francis Hospital campus was still ongoing.

Several people shot

Speaking to ABC News, the local police chief said police were made aware of a man with a gun on the second floor of a building on the medical campus.

When police officers arrived on the scene, added Richard Meulenberg, they found that “several people” had been hit by bullets. “A couple was already dead at that time”.

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