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Horizon Forbidden West, complete walkthrough: scenario, side quests… all our guides and tips


news tip Horizon Forbidden West, complete walkthrough: scenario, side quests… all our guides and tips

The wait is finally coming to an end: PlayStation players can finally reunite with Aloy in an all-new, never-before-seen adventure with Horizon Forbidden West, on PS4 and PS5. In order to complete the new Guerrilla title in the best conditions, we suggest that you equip yourself with our complete Horizon Forbidden West solution!

That’s it, it’s time to reunite with Aloy! Horizon: Forbidden West was released exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and perhaps you are already immersed in the new hit from Guerrilla Games, credited with an exceptional 19/20 on HelloSolar.info. In this huge wild and devastated open world, a large amount of quests and challenges await the hunter Nora with an exceptional destiny. We offer you for the occasion to bring you a relic of the Old world to go on an adventure, with our complete solution from Horizon Forbidden West which will reveal everything you need to know to complete the heroine’s new epic. Finally, as you can imagine, you expose yourself to spoilers by exploring the pages of our game walkthrough. Consult it only at your own risk!

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Our complete Horizon Forbidden West guide is in progress: the main plot and a large part of the secondary quests are already available, and we will update this news once the walkthrough is fully completed.

Horizon Forbidden West, complete walkthrough: scenario, side quests… all our guides and tips

Main Scenario Solution

In Horizon Forbidden West, you will of course have a main plot to follow, based on a series of mandatory quests to complete if you want to know the end of the story. Our complete guide to the Horizon Forbidden West storyline details the step-by-step process all these essential missions the course of the synopsis of the game. Of course, the pages below contain obvious spoilers, so we urge you not to go any lower if you want to enjoy the risk-free gaming experience to reveal the scenario to you!

Walkthrough of side quests

Like any self-respecting open-world action-adventure game, Horizon Forbidden West is teeming with side missions. We offer you in our game guide a walkthrough of all Horizon Forbidden West side quests which will explain where, when and how to trigger the missions in question, and of course, how to complete them. Here again, we invite you to be very careful if you wish to avoid spoilers:

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Personal Services Guide

In addition to the traditional side quests, Horizon Forbidden West seeks to honor its many NPCs by giving a little relief to their journey. Thus, Aloy will regularly be called upon to help them out through dedicated missions, which we detail in our ”’Horizon Forbidden West personal services walkthrough, the list of which you will find below (once again, beware of spoilers in sight !):

The Relic Ruins

As in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the map of its sequel will allow you to explore the ruins of buildings from the Old World. These dilapidated areas give pride of place to environmental puzzles in order to progress through what are similar to shrines / tombs in other titles of the same type, with a significant reward in the key. Our comprehensive guide to Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruins reveals the walkthrough for each of these ruins:

We will gradually add / complete the solution of crucibles, great necks, but also hunting areas, combat pits, salvage contracts, rebel camps and outposts, etc.

Horizon Forbidden West: all our guides and tips

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