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Germany: killing in a center for the disabled, a caregiver sentenced to 15 years in prison


The court of Potsdam (East of Germany), condemned this Wednesday, December 22, a nursing assistant responsible for the death of four people last April.

On April 28, in Potsdam, in the establishment Thusnelda-von-Saldern-Haus, specializing in the reception and support of people with physical or mental disabilities, in particular the blind or autistic, a tragedy will have place. A caregiver will stab to death two women and two men aged 31 to 56. She also attacked three other people, seriously injuring a 43-year-old woman.

The police then reported injuries caused by “the use of intense, extreme violence” on patients unable to defend themselves.

This Wednesday, December 22, the Court recognized the accused, aged 52, guilty of four murders and attempted murders on three other people, following the indictment of the prosecution who had spoken of an act “of immense cruelty “. The court sentenced the murderer to 15 years in prison.

The accused interned in a psychiatric center

Without being able to explain what could have triggered her act, the one who was convicted expressed her remorse, saying that she found it hard to believe that she had committed it. “I’m so sorry,” she said.

This mother of two sons, told during the trial that she had suffered from many years of mental illness. “I curled up at home. I felt great sadness and fear about life, from the age of 5.”

The lawyer Henry Timm had called on the judge to recognize the irresponsibility of his client, who was at the time of the facts “in a tunnel” and did not have, according to him, the control over his actions. The accused will be interned in a psychiatric center, where she has already been since her arrest.