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Genshin Impact: a new leak of the new element Dendro!


news tip Genshin Impact: a new leak of the new element Dendro!

As you probably know, closed betas happen quite frequently on Genshin Impact. And the contents of these still end up leaking. This is the case here with a first look at the new Dendro element, especially on the side of the traveler…

The betas are linked on Genshin Impact. While the beta for the next version of the game, 2.8, ended today, other testers obviously have access to version 3.0 of the game. Some leaks were also available, such as the elemental reactions of the game. Dendro element.. Here, the leaks concerning the visual aspect of the element: We take stock!

Dendro, the new element

The Dendro element is coming soon! Indeed, assuming that there is no delay on the developer side, the 3.0 update containing sumeruthe new area, but also the element Dendro should arrive during the 2nd half of August. Something to enjoy the sun while waiting.

And precisely, betas are visibly taking place in relation to this content. And you know how it goes. Barely released, the content is found on the web. Sometimes just through explanations, and sometimes outright with pictures and videos. And it’s Lumie who talked about it on social networks.

First visuals

Genshin Impact: a new leak of the new element Dendro!

Here is a screenshot posted by Lumie. On it, we can notice green particles, which obviously confirm that the traveler will have access to the Dendro element. We can also see that the color of the element will indeed be green, but in a different tone than that of the Anemo.

And the latter also posted a video on Twitter. And this one shows us a little more. In particular, we can see, pell-mell, the visual effects during a change of character, the color of the element, but also the color of the screen of the characters when it is of the Dendro element.

So that’s some additional visual information, in addition to the previous leak regarding the elemental reactions of the Dendro element. So the next step is to see what other Dendro character(s) are planned. Of course, other leaks should arrive shortly to find out more. In the meantime, good game to all!