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Final Fantasy 17: Towards an episode in HD-2D “pixel art”?


Game news Final Fantasy 17: Towards an episode in HD-2D “pixel art”?

What if Square Enix had already started thinking about the direction of Final Fantasy 17? While the sixteenth installment will not arrive until next year and Final Fantasy VII Remake is now taking on the appearance of a trilogy, number 17 already seems to be worrying producer Naoki Yoshida. But what will it look like?

On the occasion of the launch of the new Final Fantasy XVI trailer, the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, engaged in numerous interviews rich in information. You can also find here our complete interview with Naoki Yoshida concerning the sixteenth part of the series. You will discover in detail everything about the characters, the primordials, the structure of the adventure, and much more.

Final Fantasy 17: Towards an episode in HD-2D "pixel art"?

Final Fantasy 17 already in Yoshida’s mouth?

But let’s get back to the very non-existent Final Fantasy 17… Over the course of the interviews, Naoki Yoshida let himself be drawn into the slippery slope of the post-FFVI era. A journalist from gameradar indeed indicates that the producer would already be ready to discuss the direction that a certain Final Fantasy 17 could take.

I fully understand the appeal and potential of turn-based or command-based games. I still think that Square Enix will have the opportunity to create something like this… Personally, I would say that if you want to create something like this, maybe the graphics should adapt better to this system moving towards a more pixelated type of graphics. – Naoki Yoshida (producer of Final Fantasy XVI)

Before specifying:

But does that mean that, yes, a pixel art Final Fantasy 17 is confirmed? I don’t know (laughs). Because once you’ve pushed the graphics this far with FF16, if you decide to go back to pixel graphics, people are going to be like, ‘Hey, what are you doing here? Why are you going back to pixel graphics? graphics in pixels?”. – Naoki Yoshida (producer of Final Fantasy XVI)

For Dustin Bailey, the author of this interview, the hypothesis of seeing an FF17 in pixel art is far from out of place in the sense that Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda had already expressed his desire to produce more titles in the HD-2D style. The very one that had allowed the RPG Octopath Traveler to stand out, before Triangle Strategy took it over. Soon, it’s the long-awaited remake of Live A Live which will exploit the HD-2D style which could be discussed on an upcoming Final Fantasy.

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Final Fantasy 17: Towards an episode in HD-2D "pixel art"?

Final Fantasy 17: a different team for a new DA?

After specifying that Final Fantasy 16 would favor action combat, mainly to avoid any conflict between turn-based battles and very detailed graphics, Naoki Yoshida adds:

This time we’re going to go in that direction, but next time you’ll have a different team, you’ll have a different direction, you’ll have a different world, you’ll have a different combat system. – Naoki Yoshida (producer of Final Fantasy XVI)

All possibilities therefore seem open to start the still blank page of Final Fantasy 17.

There are a lot of different players and not everyone agrees on what a Final Fantasy should contain. So we can’t put everything together, we just have to keep creating different things until we cover everything. – Naoki Yoshida (producer of Final Fantasy XVI)

However, perhaps decently believe that a numbered episode of the franchise adopts an HD-2D artistic direction? The question is open. And you, would you be in favor of it?

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Final Fantasy 17: Towards an episode in HD-2D "pixel art"?

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