Home LAST NEWS Good news Winter sales: the LG C1 4K OLED TV is only $929

Good news Winter sales: the LG C1 4K OLED TV is only $929

Good news Winter sales: the LG C1 4K OLED TV is only $929

News good deal Winter sales: the LG C1 4K OLED TV is only $929

With the arrival of the ninth generation consoles, the choice of a good TV has become even more crucial in order to be able to take advantage of the features offered by these machines. And if the screen doesn’t keep up, you’ll have wasted hard cash on a console you won’t be able to fully exploit.

The LG C1 OLED 4K 120Hz at $929 on sale at Son-Vidéo

An excellent alternative to the Bravia XR for PlayStation gamers, and an ideal option for Xbox Series owners, the LG C1 offers everything demanding gamers have come to expect from a display that performs and delivers great quality. ‘picture. As you can see, this is probably the best choice if you are a Game Pass aficionado.

Buy the LG C1 48 inches at $929 at Son-Vidéo

Initially displayed at $1,290, the 48-inch LG C1 is currently on sale at $929 at Son-Vidéo.com. And for this price, which dips below $1,000, you can afford one of the best televisions on the market. This model indeed embeds an OLED HDR 10 panel which offers cutting-edge visual quality, and deep blacks without the slightest bloom effect, OLED requires.

If you are afraid of running out of 4K content, know that the C1 embeds the LG α9 Gen4 video processor to run an AI that will automatically upscale your image, while choosing the best image settings depending on what you are watching. (sports, movies, anime, game). Additionally, the 40W audio section is Dolby Atmos compatible and can even use Bluetooth to connect to other speakers for a surround sound setup.

A perfect 4K OLED TV for PS5 and Xbox Series at $929

But this LG C1 is also cut out for gaming, with its panel capable of going up to 120Hz! In addition, the television is VRR compatible in order to synchronize with the image stream of your machine. It is thus certified Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, like the best PC screens. Moreover, the HDMI ports are standard 2.1 in order to be able to enjoy a stream up to 4K 120 FPS! Better still, this television benefits from the ALLM mode (Auto Low Latency Mode) which automatically switches to game mode when a compatible stream is detected, in order to reduce input lag as much as possible.

Winter sales: the LG C1 4K OLED TV is only €929

To optimize everything, there is also a dedicated menu, called Game optimizer, in which it will be possible to select several game modes (FPS, RTS, RPG) which will apply different settings to the image in order to brighten it or darken it for example. We can also easily manage the sound, or the audio outputs.

Buy the LG C1 48 inches at $929 at Son-Vidéo

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