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EterNights: Japanese action and flirt in an apocalyptic universe


Game news EterNights: Japanese action and flirt in an apocalyptic universe

It is within the framework of the State of Play that we learn of the arrival, at the beginning of 2023, of an action/dredge game called EterNights. The first trailer will not fail to challenge fans of Japanese animation. It’s happening on PS5, PS4, but also PC!

The flirt + action combo is possible!

Usually confined to the register of visual novelthe games of dating sim will experience new vigor with EterNights. This title is indeed presented to us as possessing a large action component, with real-time combat taking place in an apocalyptic mode. It is the result of the work of an independent studio known as Sai Studio and whose founder speaks on the PlayStation Blog on the occasion of the announcement of the game:

Hello everyone, I’m Jae Yoo, founder of Studio Sai. We are a small, independent, fully remote studio with developers working in several different countries. After working so hard for the past two years on our first game, it’s very surreal for me to finally be able to reveal Eternights to the world! – Jae Yoo, Founder of Studio Sai

EterNights: Japanese action and flirt in an apocalyptic universe

Dance and seduce to survive the apocalypse

The principle of the game EterNights is about both survival and the importance of bonding with fellow sufferers. Following a catastrophe whose causes are unknown, humans were suddenly transformed into dangerous creatures that the survivors renamed “the infected”. If they want to find a cure for this curse, they will have to face these monsters by exploring dungeons full of traps, but also puzzles and… mini-games! Because no, the apocalypse will not prevent the characters of EterNights from decompressing by performing a few dance steps which should be integrated directly into the game system.

But what about the part dating sim ? The game’s development studio tells us that when the survivors aren’t roaming the dungeons and battling the infected, they’ll have the opportunity to get closer to each other to deepen their bond. The team matters five eccentric and sympathetic characters that you will have to get to know to hope to count on their unconditional support, and perhaps more if you like. Of course, all this will have effects in the evolution of our protagonist who will then be able to unlock unique skills and powers, which can then be used in combat.

Sounds of Persona 5?

We are not going to get carried away but the comparison with the mechanics of Persona 5 is far from being aberrant insofar as EterNights is also articulated around the management of a calendar. The player must respect deadlines to complete the dungeons and will have to manage his time well between the different types of activities offered if he doesn’t want to miss out on some rewards.

It’s up to you whether it’s better to spend time getting closer to a confidant to expand your abilities or to search the desolate environments of the game in search of supplies. Another notable element of comparison with the software from Atlus: the presence of numerous 2D animated sequences featuring the characters with whom you have the most affinity. Suffice to say that you will surely have to go through the game several times to be able to unlock all of these pretty cutscenes.

I hope you enjoyed this first look at our first game. As a storyteller, I’ve always wanted to mix a love story with adrenaline-pumping action. I wanted players to have a strong, personal reason to progress through battles and to feel like they’re fighting not only for their own survival, but also for those they love. – Jae Yoo, Founder of Studio Sai

EterNights: Japanese action and flirt in an apocalyptic universeEterNights: Japanese action and flirt in an apocalyptic universe

EterNights is due out early next year on PS5, PS4, and PC.