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Elden Ring: Update 1.05 fixes bug and ruins builds! We explain to you


news tip Elden Ring: Update 1.05 fixes bug and ruins builds! We explain to you

Available since yesterday, the new update 1.05 brings its share of changes in the latest game from From Software. While there are a few interesting additions for New Game+ fans, for example, the vast majority of the patch focuses on bug fixes, and one of them could well ruin your builds. We explain to you.

Despite the several months that separate us today from the day of release of Elden Ring, the game continues to be talked about through its follow-up and its few additions and bug fixes.. We were talking to you yesterday about the 1.05 update and what it brought to the game of FromSoftwareincluding changes from New Game + and the Vial of Miraculous Salvation. However, the bulk of the patch focuses on a large number of now-fixed bugs, and one of them doesn’t bode well for some builds.

Grafted Dragon and other fun things

Elden Ring: Update 1.05 fixes bug and ruins builds!  We explain to you

Two weeks ago, we told you about a very powerful new build that only worked thanks to a very particular bug. Indeed, by equipping a right-hand weapon with an ash of war, its imbuing effect will be reflected on your off-hand weapon when using its skill.. Thus, by equipping, for example, the Grafted Dragon (usually a very ordinary weapon) in your left hand, and a weapon equipped with the ash of war “Sacred Blade” in your right hand, your “Be witnesses!” will inflict Holy damage on top of its base effect, making Dragon Graft much more powerful than usual.

This bug allowing you to transfer the effects of your right-handed weapon to your off-handed weapon is as powerful as it is versatile, since many builds can revolve around this feature and improve weapons that are usually much less powerful. However, some builds also get way too powerful, and the developers at From Software don’t seem to want to let that go.

A bug fix to announce them all?

Elden Ring: Update 1.05 fixes bug and ruins builds!  We explain to you

It’s now done: From Software has officially become aware of this transfer bug between left hand and right hand, since they fixed it directly in patch 1.05. However, they seem to have chosen to tackle only one build exploiting this problem rather than fix it globally.

Indeed, it is no longer possible to add the effects applied to your right-hand weapon to the bolts that the Compound Crossbow that you have equipped in your left hand will fire. Previously, you could absolutely use this crossbow in the off-hand to apply effects such as bleeding to all your shots thanks to this bug, but From Software preferred to fix this problem.

Failing to completely correct the bug for all weapons, the developers announce to us with this patch that they are nevertheless aware that it exists. So they seem to want to focus on the builds that cause the most problems before seeing if they will intervene in a more general way. If you are currently using one of these builds, we advise you to be prepared to have to switch to another one day or another.

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