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Elden Ring: no postponement in sight, but a surprise on the day of the release


Game News Elden Ring: no postponement in sight, but a surprise on the day of the release

First expected on January 21, 2022, Elden Ring was later pushed back by From Software to February 25 of the same year. A postponement which should not announce others according to the producer, Yasuhiro Kitao.

A necessary postponement

For many, it was THE news not to be missed this summer: it was on the occasion of the Summer Game Festival of 2021, an event presented by Geoff Keighley which served as an introduction to E3, that Bandai Namco and From Software have decided to bring news from Elden Ring. It is therefore a three-minute trailer and a release date set for January 21 that are unveiled on this occasion. But in October, the team behind the title announced with one voice to reject it. In question, a “greater depth and strategic freedom than initial forecasts“. A slight postponement of one month which will not prevent the beta phases from taking place, and convincing the press (including HelloSolar.info) and the public.

No report but a patch as a gift

And once is not custom! In any case, this is what Yasuhiro Kitao seems to predict. On the occasion of the Taipei Game Show, one of the producers of Elden Ring acted as a spokesperson for Bandai Namco and answered several questions about Elden Ring. The opportunity for the publisher to recall some elements of gameplay but also to communicate on the end of development of the title (from 40:32):

The game was scheduled for January but was pushed back to release on February 25. Rest assured, Elden Ring will be available for sale that day. The master version has already been recorded and currently, the team is working on a patch for release day to make sure the game works well.

The “master version” of the game, mentioned by Yasuhiro Kitao, probably corresponds to what is called a version gold : this means that the final version of the game is ready to be sent to distributors as well as to begin the final stages of its commercialization on the digital stages. Certainly good news for players around the world: Elden Ring has won the title of “most anticipated game of 2022“. What is it in reality? That, we will have to wait for the release of the game on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One on February 25 to find out.