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Elden Ring: a mod replaces all enemies with Malenia, a taste of hell


news tip Elden Ring: a mod replaces all enemies with Malenia, a taste of hell

Elden Ring is not really the kind of game that gives gifts, that everyone knows. But what happens when you replace all the enemies in the game with one of the most fearsome bosses in the adventure?

real pain

Elden Ring continues to be a hit around the world, proof of which is the latest figures made in North America that we were talking about here. As a matter of fact, this success is fully deserved since FromSoftware has delivered here the most ambitious and probably the most successful experience in its historyalways bathed in a gigantic difficulty… but a fair difficulty, which is the hallmark of the studio.

However, some like the challenge, the real one. The insurmountable. And more than going to rub shoulders with the enemies of the game in underwear (literally) or blindfoldeda hacker has got it into his head to offer one of the most painful mods ever, replacing all opponents with Malenia. A character widely highlighted in the marketing campaign, she is considered one of the most difficult opponents of an already very trying cast. Suffice to say that the demonstrative video sets the tone.

The GOTY, is that him?

Released in March, Elden Ring continues to be severely entrenched in the news, even three months later. The community is still as close-knit and even growing since a few weeks later, we learned that the title had sold twelve million copies, a staggering score even for FromSoftware. Suffice to say that the numbers have risen further since and will continue to rise for the months to come.

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On the side of critics too, the press is unanimous: Elden Ring is a great game, one of the best of this generation. So many good reasons to predict his victory at the Game Awards 2022which will take place next December: note however that another opponent could well block his way in the person of Kratos, with God of War Ragnarok. The future Santa Monica hit is also likely to cause quite a media tidal wave. A real battle of demigods!

Elden Ring: a mod replaces all enemies with Malenia, a taste of hell

1. Log out of Steam

Since mods aren’t fully allowed on PC, you should log out of Steam first to dive in and tweak the game files freely.

2. Download Automatic Mod Engine

This software is downloadable at this address : it is a .zip file to extract, which will automatically make a folder named “randomizer”

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Do not use Vortex Mod Manager, as this software does not know how to correctly install game files generated by the randomizer.

3. Run the Randomizer

Start EldenRingRandomizer.exe and select Elden Ring in .exe.

4. Split Malenia

Click the “Randomize items and enemies” button to generate game files for random execution. The button text may change if the item/enemy randomizer is enabled or you have checked options such as “Reroll seed”. You will need to select Malenia.

5. Play Elden Ring

It seems rather logical, but you just have to launch the game to admire your hack… and face several Malenia at the same time. Good luck.

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