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E3 is not dead! The big Californian show teases its comeback


Game News E3 is not dead! The big Californian show teases its comeback

If today all eyes are on the Summer Game Fest following the cancellation of E3 2022 at the start of the year, it seems that the big Californian show is already preparing to take its revenge. Yes, E3 is not dead!

So many misadventures for E3

E3 is not dead! The big Californian show teases its comeback

It’s been a few years now that E3, the big annual video game show, has been missing the mark. In effect, the Californian show inaugurated in 1995 has had a hard time since the COVID-19 came to upset its plans during 2020. During this famous year, therefore, in order not to spread the virus, the annual meeting of players (yet unmissable) is obliged to cancel everything. In 2021, the normally physical show is opting for a digital format, but due to a hesitant organization in the face of the still raging COVID-19, the event does not have the expected success. Players who grew up with this annual proposal that unveils trailer after trailer therefore greatly expected the return of this experience in 2022, but, as you probably already know, it did not happen. The show has once again decided to postpone its opening.

During this same period, the E3 also faces a gigantic competitor… It is to counter the absence of the major Californian fair in 2020 that journalist Geoff Keighley is setting up the Summer Game Fest system, which offers all players the opportunity to discover numerous digital conferences throughout the summer. If this first edition was somewhat laborious, since the event has taken the lead and has even stolen the usual dates of E3. To give you an idea, here is the schedule for this year’s Summer Game Fest:

E3 will take its revenge

Despite all this bad news, E3 does not seem ready to say its last word. Stan Pierre-Louis, the President and CEO of ESA, spoke in the Washington Post to announce the big news: E3 will be back next year as a digital and physical event.

We are excited to return in 2023 with a digital event and a physical event. As much as we love these digital events, and as much as they touch people and we want that global reach, but we also know there’s a really strong desire for people to come together – to connect, see each other and chat between them about what makes the games unforgettable. Stan Pierre-Louis, President and CEO of ESA

The ESA President then clarified that COVID-19 has put a brake on all events around the world for the past three years and that the various companies have had to fight to promote their products, starting with game publishers. video.

I think what’s great about all this experimentation is that companies of all sizes are trying to figure out what works best to promote the product and content they’re looking to share with consumers. And I think there’s a space for a physical living room and I think it’s important to have digital reach. Stan Pierre Louis

For the moment, E3 has not announced a precise date, but we already know that the event will be back, starting in 2023.