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Diablo Immortal: You will be able to play one day before everyone else with a little luck


Game News Diablo Immortal: You will be able to play one day before everyone else with a little luck

The new opus of the diabolical video game saga is coming to PC and mobiles in a few days. While Diablo Immortal is awaited by a large part of the fans of the Blizzard license, it is possible that the lucky few will have the opportunity to launch themselves into the heart of the darkness of Sanctuary before everyone else.

the devil is back

Diablo Immortal marks the return of the license, more than ten years later Diablo III (not counting Diablo II: Resurrected, released last year). This completely new opus takes place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. The Stone World broke, its fragments scattered to the four corners of the world, resulting in the appearance of hordes of demons. The warriors of Sanctuary will then have to unite to face these creatures and restore peace to the kingdom.

Designed for mobiles, the game has been ported to PC to everyone’s surprise. Mobile requires, Diablo Immortal offers a simpler gameplay than usual. Also remember that controller support is supported for controller aficionados.

Diablo Immortal regularly returns to the heart of the news in recent days as the game is about to be released. Blizzard widely promotes its title a few days before its release, while the communication around its publication increases greatly. Scheduled for June 2, Diablo Immortal could be accessible in advance for some lucky ones according to the studio.

A stroke of luck

It’s certain Blizzard’s official site that we learn that some players will see Diablo Immortal appear a day in advance on iOS and Android. The rather surprising news is nevertheless explained by Blizzard. Given the enthusiasm of the community, the studio wishes above all to avoid saturation of the servers in order to ensure a “complete and fluid launch”.

As we prepare to launch Diablo Immortal on June 2 at 7:00 p.m. PT on iOS, Android, and PC in open beta, select players will see Diablo Immortal appear on the Apple App Store and Google Play as soon as possible. June 1 in the afternoon (Paris time). This is partly due to the nature of rolling out mobile games and the need to ensure a full and smooth launch of the mobile version of Diablo Immortal. – Blizzard Entertainment.

Who will be affected by this early access? That, nobody knows, not even Blizzard. Diablo Community Manager PezRadar wanted to clarify this point in a recent press release.

As we said on our blog, Diablo Immortal will be released for iOS and Android on the morning of June 1st. We don’t know exactly who will see the game first or in what order people will see it (…). Once the game appears on the various stores, the servers will be open and it will be possible to connect to them. This means that you could potentially play it up to a day before its official release. The PC version will be released on the announced date. We don’t know exactly when the game will be released (on mobiles) that’s why we specified June 1st on our blog.

A somewhat surprising situation, but which could potentially make some people happy. As PezRadar points out, the PC version will be released in due course, on June 2 at 7 p.m.