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Berserk: the cult manga is not dead!


news culture Berserk: the cult manga is not dead!

Berserk is not dead: the manga publisher has announced that it will resume serialization of the work. These are the magazine Young Animal and the mangaka and friend of Kentaro Miura Koji Mori who spoke.

“Being true to what Miura told us”

Berzerk’s fate has finally been sealed. The manga’s future had been up in the air since the death of its mangaka Kentaro Miura, who died last year following a ruptured aortic valve. This is the magazine Young Animalin which appears Berserk, who released a press release last night to announce the news: the Berserk manga will continue:

We will resume Berserk serialization. Please accept our apologies for the long wait before we can make this announcement.

The editorial team of Young Animal first indicates that they want to “be faithful to what Miura told us” and publish the last six chapters of the “Beginning of the Fantasia Arc / The Elf Island Cyclebefore starting a new story arc.

For lack of a draft left by the author, we cannot perfectly reproduce the manuscript he wanted to produce. But in the creation of the new episodes, we are determined never to deviate from what he told us and to recreate as faithfully as possible the work of “Kentaro Miura”, whose image is, engraved at the bottom from our hearts through multiple conversations and creative work with him.

“You are the only person to whom I entrusted the story until the end”

In addition to the editorial team of Young Animal, it is Koji Mori who will participate in the project. He is the best friend of Kentaro Miura, who has accompanied him for more than thirty years on Berserk: it is with him that he finalized the whole story of the manga. Proof of this friendship? Koji Mori is the only one to whom Kentaro Miura entrusted the end of the manga, he says in the press release:

Miura told me during his lifetime: “You are the only person to whom I entrusted the story until the end”. And it was the truth.

From then on, Koji Mori found himself with a huge responsibility on his shoulders. He indicates that despite knowing the entire story, it’s not enough to draw Berserk’s conclusion: “Only a genius of the talent of Kentaro Miura can” he says. He then hesitates to disseminate it through interviews or the publication of an illustrated text. But that does not satisfy him, especially since the members of the author’s team also want to participate. He then decides to assume this role, but above all to avoid the reproaches that Miura could make him in the afterlife: “I told you everything but you didn’t do anythingLike the Young Animal team, he first wants to stay true to the manga’s original author and his best friend:

I try to render the story as detailed as possible and only the episodes told by the author will be published. I won’t add anything to it. Episodes whose detail is no longer precise in my memory will also be excluded. We’re only going to make episodes that can be put together based on the lyrics and the story that Miura told me.