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An MMO with dinos? Coming soon !


Game News An MMO with dinos? Coming soon !

If you’ve been dreaming of playing as a dinosaur for a long time, you’ve come to the right place, since the MMO Path of Titans will soon be getting a beta.

When ARK has a strong opponent!

An MMO with dinos?  Coming soon !

For some time now, dinosaur fans have been in heaven, it must be said that since the launch of ARK: Survival Evolved, several developers have featured Jurassic animals in their games. We are thinking here of Jurassic World: Evolution and its sequel or even Second Extinction. But if in the first title, the player must design enclosures to take care of these great beasts and in the second, it is necessary to take up arms to exterminate all these sharp-toothed predators, none offers to embody a dinosaur in good and due form. This is where comes in Path of Titans, an MMO that offers you to put yourself in the scales of 30 different races of dinosaurs.

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Available for some time now at a price of $30 in its Early Access version, Path of Titans decides to put the second to host, in the near future, its first closed beta. Expected for this summer, the latter will offer players the opportunity to wander on PC, as on iOS and Android, in this enormous sandbox signed Alderon Games where it will be possible to customize its gigantic reptile from A to Z.

Customization is the most important element of Path of Titans, we want players to feel like they are part of a vast sandbox where they can create a completely unique creature: species, skins, colors, brands, personality. Matthew Cassells, co-founder of Alderon Games

Note that this closed beta will support cross-platform play on PC, mobiles. A console version of the latter may also be part of it.

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An MMO with dinos?  Coming soon !An MMO with dinos?  Coming soon !

A new card to celebrate

To celebrate the arrival of this famous beta, Path of Titans will offer two new features in the near future, a brand new playground made up of “several 8×8 km maps” and a brand new playable dinosaur, the Amargasaurus.

Amargasaurus, the first Sauropod in Path of Titans! This creature is most notable for its large spines that run down the back of its neck. There has been much debate in paleontological circles about whether the neck of Amargasaurus featured a sail or spines, so we’ve included both ideas as a subspecies!

An MMO with dinos?  Coming soon !An MMO with dinos?  Coming soon !

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