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Witchfire: the FPS between Dark Souls and Doom offers us new epic images!


Game news Witchfire: the FPS between Dark Souls and Doom offers us new epic images!

Witchfire, Souls-Like FPS from The Astronauts studio, was talked about recently for a brief appearance during the Summer Game Fest. Particularly promising, the game is nevertheless still very discreet. A situation to which the developers are responding by sharing new images of their software with us today.

Dark Souls, Doom and Rogue-Lite on the program?

In the end, we only know a few things about witchfirethe new project from The Astronauts studio, except that the game is frankly beautiful for the moment. First announced in 2017Witchfire was talked about again recently by sticking its head in the side of the
Summer Game Fest with some very nervous gameplay sequences.

From these images, we first retain blatant references from some very good games like doom and Dark Souls. On the one hand we find ourselves with a rhythmic, intense and punchy FPS, on the other we find a dark and tortured world of Dark Fantasy which is reminiscent of the titles of From Software, in which witches, demons and bloodthirsty warriors. References already cited by the developers, who had also previously mentioned a certain Roguelite dimension.

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To keep fans excited after Summer Game Fest, The Astronauts shares with us today some new magnificent images. You can see shooting and magic there, with several creatures from the bestiary that once again bear witness to this scary Dark Fantasy world.

The Astronauts: a studio of veterans

To talk more about Witchfire, we must in particular mention the studio behind the game: The Astronauts. Founded in 2012, The Astronauts is a Polish studio created by three former developers coming straight from People Can Fly. If this name means nothing to you, know that People Can Fly is originally a close collaborator of Epic Games. To their credit, there are in particular several works on the license Gears of War, Painkiller as well as the excellent barred FPS Bulletstorm.

Regarding Witchfire, we can therefore expect an intense experience, probably violent, but above all enjoyable. For the moment, no official release date has been communicated but we already know that the studio is aiming for a publication during the fourth quarter of the year. We therefore hope for a release by the end of 2022. Also remember that the game will be released in early access on PC before 1.0 and will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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