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Video games on Netflix: La Casa de Papel, Devolver… we sum it all up


Game News Video games on Netflix: La Casa de Papel, Devolver… we sum it all up

For a week, the Netflix platform put on a show by presenting its upcoming programs but also its video game productions. Let’s take a look at these.

Adapted flagship shows

After five days of festivities, Netflix closed its Geeked Week yesterday with announcements related to its video games, including adaptations of its biggest licenses starting with Shadow and Bone: Destinies, a mobile game inspired by the hit series. It will take the form of a solo role-playing game giving you the choice to embody a variety of characters and explore the world of the Grishaverse. Netflix says the experience will have a strong narrative component and the story will be influenced by player decisions. A game developed by Chimera Entertainment that does not yet have a release date. In broadcast since 2021 on the streaming platform, the series follows the young Alina, recruited by the Army to accompany the Grisha, magicians who fight against an evil fog that devours the kingdom.

Video games on Netflix: La Casa de Papel, Devolver… we sum it all up

And while the first La Casa de Papel series has come to an end and its Korean version arrives on June 24, Netflix has announced a mobile adaptation of the show. La Casa de Papel: Money Heist will be a cel-shaded action-adventure game featuring the main characters in a bank to rob their money. Naturally, each protagonist will have their own skills. Count on infiltration, hacking into security systems and lock-picking mini-games operating around QTEs, or even shooting sequences. To bring the project to life, Netflix has teamed up with KillaSoft, a Colombian studio based in Barranquilla and best known for developing the game INNER. For now, no release date has been announced, the development of the game only started last year.

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Also on the program; The game of queens: Gambit which invites you to an ultimate chess tournament filled with lessons and online games in the company of familiar faces from the mini-series. Even more surprising, the reality TV show High Voltage Seduction will also be entitled to its adaptation with this astonishing synopsis:“Get ready to meet a new selection of sexy, single contestants willing to do anything to win your affections.”

original productions

Netflix not only bets on the flagship programs in its catalog but also invests in fresh productions. Lucky Luna in particular, offered by Snowman, the creator recognized for having developed the excellent sliding games Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey. This Netflix exclusive is carried by a young heroine responsible for surveying a world all in pixels and full of dangers. The game will be released on iOS and Android this summer for all Netflix subscribers. They will also soon find Desta: The Memories Betweena turn-based strategy game inspired by the dodgeball game offered by Ustwo Games, studio behind the adorable Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

Games already released elsewhere are also coming to the platform, such as Raji: an Ancient Epic, the Indian action and adventure game, and Spiritfarer, the acclaimed cozy management game.

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Devolver games

Devolver has joined the Netflix party. Licenses already well known to the public will be offered to subscribers, namely Reigns: Three Kingdoms, the new installment of the famous Nerial series. The title is freely inspired by the Chinese novel of the Three Kingdoms and offers a vast program made up of negotiations, alliances, and people management. Nerial promises us a scenario “tortuous“and mini-games”unexpected“. The title will be released later this year. On their side, the creators of Downwell presented their new title, poinpy, a climbing game that tasks players with crushing fruit in an effort to produce a juice that can feed a hungry creature. Poinpy is already available on the Netflix mobile app and we even tested it for you. Finally let’s mention Terra Nil, a city-builder who asks to give life from an arid zone. The title will be released in 2023 on iOS and Android and probably on PC.

The opinion of

At the same time simple, kawaii, and quite intransigent, Poinpy is a very good surprise that does everything that is asked of it without a repulsive business model. Aimed at a wider audience than Downwell without being too permissive, Mappin’s new title could well become your best companion on your holiday journey. Poinpy is available to Netflix subscribers on Android and iOS.

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