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The 5 indie games of the week not to be missed


Game News The 5 indie games of the week not to be missed

Like every week, the world of independent games is full of varied and diverse surprises. But you still have to find your way around as there are apps on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. To help you see more clearly, here are the indies to come in the next seven days. On the program: action, management and the platform!

Fall Guys

No doubt you know Fall Guys. This plump – colorful battle royale has been entertaining the gallery on PC and consoles for two years and will arrive very soon on Switch and Xbox. At the same time, Mediatonic developers will turn the game into free-to-play. Basically, no need to pay to enjoy it (even if there are optional purchases via an in-game store). And icing on the cake, Fall Guys goes cross-platform and cross-play, which means that you can play with PC, Xbox and PlayStation players but also find your progress from one console to another. In short, even more good reasons to have fun. As a reminder, the Mediatonic software places sixty players in a TV show where you have to chain the tests like Total Wipeout (or Takeshi’s Castle) to be the last survivor. A dose of good humor.

Anvil Saga (Early Access)

With his good humor and colorful pixel art, Anvil Saga looks like a really nice management software ! The game immerses us in the Hundred Years War, while many challenges await the world. On your side, you will have to turn a small blacksmith shop into a successful business. “But the path leading you to posterity will be strewn with pitfalls” announces the Steam page of the project. It will indeed be necessary to manage relations with a whole bunch of individuals (bandits, lords, priests, French or British soldiers). Anvil Saga seems to consist of two parts: improving and expanding the forge, on the one hand, and the relationship: accepting a faction’s request could have consequences. And don’t forget to improve your own team!

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Sanabi (Early Access)

It’s all well and good to forge weapons, but you still have to use them! Sanabi is a fast-paced action platformer set in a dystopian world. As a veteran with a wealth of experience in the art of combat, you must track down a mysterious entity and uncover the society that controls it. But of course, there will be plenty of opponents to stop you. To get rid of it, you can count on your powerful grappling hook which allows you to move quickly and take your enemies from behind. It is a certainty: the gameplay of Sanabi seems very rhythmic and dynamic, like the Scourgebringer or Ghostrunner games. Why not let yourself be tempted when it soon arrives in early access?


In a whole different genre, here come Magoa colorful platformer which smells good of the 90s and the MegaDrive. In this title developed by Dream Potion Games, you play as a wizard “who will have to run, jump, use his faithful magic wand to cross a large kingdom where the unthinkable becomes reality” can we read on Steam. Everything looks classic but neat enough to be of noticeable interest: the levels are advertised as varied (“the prairie-colored teapot, a huge tree guarded by a ferocious centipede, with the ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization that rests on its back of a huge bird”) both in terms of visuals and gameplay, with a bunch of enemies, bosses, even a mecha robot to help you out! In short, one hell of an adventure is obviously on the horizon. Put on your boots, take your wand!

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Want a little fuss-free puzzle game? Well here is ElecHead on Nintendo Switch, a few months after its release on PC. In this simple artistic direction, you play as a robot whose mission is to bring light to the world. “It electrifies and activates everything it touches, walls, floors, platforms, switches” can we learn on the Nintendo page of the project. “He can also detach and throw his head to reach distant places, but be careful: if his head doesn’t return to his shoulders after ten seconds, he will switch off”. A simple concept but one that seems to lead to well-thought-out and increasingly complex puzzles. Note that ElecHead displays a duration between “2 and 3 hours”. Short and memorable?

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